Friday, December 21, 2007


Tonight at 7pm, slt, and tomorrow at 12 noon slt a fashion show and silent auction to benefit "Medecins Sans Frontiers" or as I know it in English "Doctors Without Borders" will be held.

If you know nothing about this extremely worthwhile charity, I direct you to their website located here. In short, this is a ...secular humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization best known for its projects in war-torn regions and developing countries facing endemic disease ... Quote excerpted from the Wikipedia site on the organization.

At the show you will see limited edition items from many wonderful designers sold only to benefit MSF and you will be able to bid in a silent auction on one of a kind items as well. I don't know what the current list of auction items is but I know that one of them is a pair of those new wonderful boots from Tesla in an unreleased color that will be available nowhere else.

Please join us for Shine!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quick Changes - Dark Fashionista!

When I saw this amazing and out of the ordinary hair, I had to put together an outfit that would do justice to it. I really have no words to describe it and will have to let the pictures speak for themselves. As a note, I did have to edit a few of the prims because in taking pictures I would get that close up fine, pull back holes thing which I blame on SL and not Digit's gorgeous work.

I put together an outfit that I think really wows and stands up to the glittery jaw-drop factor of the hair.

Bigger .......... Biggest

I knew immediately I wanted to wear the beautifully textured Isabeaux leather pants from LF Fashions. I have quite a few pairs of leather pants in my inventory and these have quickly become a favorite. I hesitated for a while before buying them but now I have them almost in every color she makes and I'd love to see a deep green, blue etc. in the same pant. I'm wearing the "For Heels' version of the prim legs, there are three choices and this pant comes on the underwear layer also.

Next, I wanted to wear a corset with this and after trying several different ones I own, I settled on the corset from the Milena outfit from Last Call. The corset is also beautifully textured, and is very realistic looking, plus I liked the way the bodice is shaped as well as the way the back looks. The whole outfit is wonderful by the way, not just the corset.

I wanted a really unique looking skin for this outfit and that's why I'm wearing the Biba 3 skin from Tete A Pied in Buff. I loved the plum lips and eyes and the dramatic look to the make up which only played up the other parts of the ensemble.

Bigger .......... Biggest

To give this outfit a bit more visual interest, I added an undershirt and underpants from the Lilith Mega set in Midnight from Dark Eden. This filled in the little bit of skin between corset and pants and gave the look of straps over my arms, shoulders and torso. I liked this slightly fetishy addition against the skin I decided to wear. I also am wearing the belt from this same set.

My jewelry is the Dauphine set from Muse. The Silver/Jet version shown here was a group gift and is no longer available as far as I am aware. I wanted something complicated and glittery to match the overall ensemble.

Bigger .......... Biggest

I stepped into a pair of Serpenti pumps from Adam n Eve in the Diablo color with the beautiful texture and little buckle on the toe. The very high heel and strict sort of look on these shoes was just the finishing touch I needed.

I took a lot of photographs to try to show the truly wonderful textures involved in this outfit but don't take my word for it, go and see for yourself.

~*~*~*~*~*~* Shopping Bag and Info ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Skin - Tete A Pied - Biba 3 - Buff - 500L per skin or 1200L per 3 pack
Hair - Digit Darkes-NATURALe-Defiance-Special Edition Pack Please Note: This is Digit's EFA Design Awards entry and can only be purchased on ON REZ Review Copy!
Nails - Sin Skins - Glitter Black Manicure (Rec'd from Pearl Hunt but also available for sale) 50L
Jewelry - Muse - Dauphine Set - Silver/Jet - Group Gift NLA
Pants - LF Fashions - Isabeaux Leather Pants - Black - 200L
Corset - Last Call - Milena Outfit - 350L
Straps - Dark Eden - Lilith - Midnight - Megaset 275L

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Just In Case

Okay, It may very well be my imagination but I didn't catch my previous post on the FP feed for some reason even though I see it there on the list. And, since I posted a very big review post previously, I want to make sure it was seen. (And analytics won't help me determine if people have seen it since when I changed layouts I forgot to put the code on my blog.) Anyway, please humor me and if you missed my review please go here! It's worth it!
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Review of the Week! - Digit Darkes Couture, Diversity Hair and More!

Just a note before I begin, even though my blog is now coded so that there's a before and after the jump, I noticed that my last post didn't show up that way on the feed. I apologize if you get the whole post on the feed instead of a portion as intended. I'll keep working on it.

In the meantime, I have two gorgeous outfits from Digit Darkes to show you today, along with a hair from Diversity Hair and jewelry from Elexor Matador Jewelry.

Here's a peek at the items I'll be reviewing:

Bigger .......... Biggest

All items were requested and received as review copies except for the jewelry from EMJ.

I'll start with the outfit on the left which features the Dictator Shrug in Sunflower, the Dahlia top in Midnight and the Digital pant in Electric along with the Elphaba (No Bow) shoes, all by Digit Darkes Couture. I'm also wearing the Thalia hair from Diversity Hair in Seashell, my new favorite blond shade. Please see the end of my review for notations on skin, jewelry, etc.

I am completely in love with this shrug and this shade. In general I am not big on yellow but this color might as well have sung a siren song when I saw it. There was something so rich and glowing about it and the satin look of the fabric in this shrug is just scrumptious. It looks touchable. Best of all, I didn't have to do one moment's prim adjustment on this which I hate to do. The Sunflower color is sure to brighten any day or night but just in case, it also comes in six other lovely eye pleasing colors and is on the jacket layer for mixing and matching with whatever else is in your wardrobe.

Bigger .......... Biggest

I chose the Digital pants in Electric to go with the shrug and the first thing I noticed aside from the perfect match between the yellow shade of the shrug above and the yellow shade in the plaid of the pants - was how very carefully these pants are finished. The seam at the waistband comes to a perfect crisp stop against my hips and the hems are equally well finished. This lovely finishing also includes the prim pant legs that are included and I found that these attachments fit very well and merged into the body of the pants nicely. There's some playfully detailing on the back hip area and no, the seams do not match. However, I've rarely seen RL plaids like this match either and the beautiful look of these pants is simply too svelte and bright to pass up! I appreciate the careful finishing touches very much in my clothes. I believe this is the only pattern for this pant at this time and that makes it all the more necessary to snatch it up. You can mix it with so many things because of the plaid fabric - and this is a plaid with panache! And finally for the boot lovers among us, including myself, these pants come on the underwear layer for smooth tucking into those favorite boots.

I needed something to go under the shrug - though I suppose the daring could get away with less than a full shirt, but since I was feeling very glamorous at this point - I chose the Dahlia top in Midnight to go under the shrug. Of all the items I've mentioned thus far, I really feel this top is above and beyond in terms of quality. In the first place, the sequined texture is simply mind-boggling. I stared and stared at it, because I've seen many sequined textures in sl and this is truly stunning. Once I could tear my eyes away from the sparkling look of the bodice, I took a very close look at the soft netting that makes up the neck of the Dahlia top and to my amazement, it looks very much like a similar fabric would look IRL. In the back there's a slight creasing as if from tension during wear and the fabric looks as if it is pressed closer to the skin in places. The top also is finished beautifully so that it appears to fit snugly but not too tightly around the neck.

I truly like the style of this top and again it comes in six other delicious colors for maximum mixing and matching. Not only that, but it comes on every possible clothing layer to aid in the aforementioned mixing and matching. I'm wearing the Elphaba No Bow pumps to finish off the outfit and like all of Digit Darkes shoes these are not to be missed.

My second outfit, in some ways, springs from the first. In general, I've been a silver or platinum or white gold girl over yellow gold but recently my tastes have turned and these pants might as well have had my name written on them the way I was magnetized to them ;). The gold color is buttery and soft. I didn't ask what they are meant to be made out of though I believe an argument could be made for satin or very fine leather. In either case, they are simply wonderful. They are very smooth in texture with the beautiful finishing I mentioned above and gorgeous embellishment on both the hip and the pant legs with the Digit Darkes double D logo on the rear and more of these glittering decorations can be found there also.. There are faint stress lines on the thighs as you would see in certain fabrics but these only serve to emphasize the otherwise "like butta" smoothness of the pant. These pants do not come with prim cuffs but they do come on the underwear layer as well as the pants layer and in 11 other must-have shades.

Bigger .......... Biggest

I'm again wearing the Dahlia top in Midnight with the Diversity pants because I think the Dahlia top really helps to bring out the embellishment on the pants. In both outfits I tried to capture images that would show some of the beautiful work I've been talking about. You can also see some of the details I mentioned on the Dahlia top in the pictures above. See more images below!

Bigger .......... Biggest

In these photos please also take note of the beautiful Thalia hair I'm wearing throughout. Not only is the texture really special, in my opinion, but I think the hairstyle itself is wonderful. I've tried many braids in SL and this is the first one that didn't go through my body in some crazy way and that seemed believable both rear and behind. It also features color change on touch hair bands and you can see I tinted mine to match my clothes!

Here's even more images, hopefully to show you the details on the hair and shoes that I'm wearing!

Bigger ........... Biggest

Hmm, in looking over this I realized I used some images more than once, but it only serves to emphasize how beautiful I think these items are. I personally cannot wait to see more from both Digit Darkes and Diversity Hair. :)

~*~*~*~Shopping Bag and Info ~*~*~*~
Skin - Gala Skin (from Empyrean Emporium) - Sun Kissed - Psuedorange - On Sale right now for 500L each or 3000L for a pack of six.
Hair - Diversity Hair - Thalia - Seashell - 175L per color pack, 300L per color family pack or 1000L per mega pack.
Eyes - Nevermore Studios - Prismatic Natural Eye #25 (I think) 25L
All Clothing Items - Including Shoes - Digit Darkes Couture
Dictator Shrug - 200L
Dahlia Top - 150L
Diversity Pant - 250L
Digital Pant - 250L
Elphaba No Bow Heel - 400L
Jewelry - Elexor Matador Jewelry
Choker and Bracelet - Onyx and Diamond Set - 225L
Earrings - part of the new Royal Diamond Set - 325L

Trying a slightly different method of linkage this time so hopefully it works!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Darn it all!

There's nothing quite like a combination of a sudden cold that lays you out flat on your back and a outage from SL to put a damper on all your plans. Upcoming reviews of items by Digit Darkes and Diversity Hair with Jewelry by Elexor Matador Jewelry as well as reviews of Launa Fauna's skinline "Chai" are in the pipeline - just stalled for the present.

Under the cut, a little vanity in the form of a shot I took for one of the aforementioned reviews and then played with. I'm not entirely happy with the mirroring effect and I keep seeing little things to change but if I kept doing that I'd never be finished. It is my first effort along this line and overall I like it. Clicky if you wish!


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Review Item Policy Change

Edited to Add: New Journal Layout, woot!

Just a little note to point you to changes in my policies, specifically review item policies.


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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tagination, Random News and an Informal Poll

I, like some other denizens of Fashion Planet was feeling a tad left out of the fun and was unable to decide if I was just being immature over that feeling or not. However, Sasy Scarborough put me out of my quandary by tagging me.

So here goes.

*****Random Facts*****

The rules are basicly to put down 8 random facts about yourself on your blog with the rules and then tag eight more folks.

I've read almost everyone's random facts and love seeing them, so I'm delighted to join the fun.

1) When I was a little girl, I had a cocker spaniel who was so gentle she allowed me to dress her up in doll clothes and drive her in the doll carriage. Her name was Taffy.

2) I have had three Near Death Experiences.

3) I am a voracious reader. I'll read virtually anything I can get my hands on but my favorite genres are mystery or fantasy usually with a mix of history or science fiction.

4) I can do all kinds of arts and crafts, *Except* anything that requires me to draw so much as a straight line.

5) My favorite meal is fried shrimp, home made cole slaw, potato wedges and hush puppies with lemon and cocktail sauce on the side served with a huge glass of sweetened ice tea and an apple crumble with ice cream for dessert and I can cook every bit of it myself ;)

6) I have Addison's Disease which is an auto immune condition where the antibodies mistakenly attack the adrenal glands until they are non-functional or destroyed. In my case they are destroyed. I have had it for half my life.

7) If I could speak to one celebrity for an hour, I'd probably pick Fred Astaire.

8) I'm really quite shy, though I know many people don't believe it. I have to work extra hard to say what I need to say or what I feel, especially in stress situations, because it's my inclination to simply not say anything. Often this makes me go a bit over the top as a kind of compensation.

I tag Kit Meredith, ChronoCloud Creegan, Kristianne Matfield, Kate Amdahl, Caliah Lyon and whomever else has not been tagged and would like to be. I'm terrible with names so not tagging you is no reflection on you but on me.


I'm moving this blog to as soon as I get it all set up because I'm frustrated with a few of the limitations on blogger. For now I'll simply put a composite here with a link to the new blog once it's set up and people can click through to the new location.

I'd also like to mention that I am slowly beginning to sell prefabs. Right now I have a small 20x10 tiki style house with tps, privacy windows and lockable phantom doors available for 200L and am almost finished with a winter old-fashioned home with blinking lights outside, privacy windows, lockable doors, built-in fireplace, balconies, stairway, etc. It's two stories and has a much larger footprint. The winter house will sell for 3500L. If you would like to see either of these homes or the projects I'm working on please contact me in world.


As aforementioned, I am really quite shy and am hesitant to begin requesting review copies which is one of the reasons why my blog remains mainly Quick Changes. I would appreciate some feedback from readers and designers on the issue of whether you'd like to see some current item reviews and whether designers are *Really* okay with being asked for review copies.

To anyone who answers this, thanks so much for taking the time!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I checked the blog readability test for the FASHION PLANET of SL feed.

cash advance

Cash Advance Loans

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Quick Changes - Roses In Winter

The name of this outfit, on first glance seems to have nothing much to do with Roses. It is definitely a winter outfit, however. :) The combination shown here first started when Lissa Maartens of Cattiva e Cattivo happened to drop some review copies on me. I took a look through her items and was especially impressed by the Peekaboo Corsette and panties set that she'd given me, in Red Lotus. The embroidered look of the texture is just amazing.

Since I don't usually show lingerie by itself, I wanted to put these lovely items in an outfit somehow.

As luck would have it, I had just purchased these richly textured jeans from Pixel Dolls. These are the Luxe jeans and they come on both the underpants and pants layers for mixing and matching. I felt they looked great with the corsette and kept going from there. These come with prim pants legs but as you'll see, I left those off this time.

I've been wanting to feature these ankle boots from Zhao Shoes for a while, ever since Melanie Zhao shared them with me, and this was a great opportunity. These boots are cuffed and beautifully textured with a little z on the heel. They come with a hud that controls walk sounds and volume.

Bigger ..... Biggest

Because I wanted to bulk up my leg between the boot and my pants, I added the scrunched socks that go with the Bootilicious sets from Maitreya - here in the black and gray tone. Mine are stretched a little taller so that they almost look more like legwarmers but they are the socks.

Since it is winter, I wanted to put something over the corsette. There's something extra sexy in my opinion about taking off a winter coat and having a little sensuous something on underneath. Fortunately, Truth has come out with the beautiful Gypsy coat in a luxurious cherry color as well as other tones. I thought it looked lovely with the rest of the outfit and that's what you see here.

I am aware btw, that the metals and leathers between the coat and the corsette are not the same and I went ahead with the mix because the colors blended so well. ;)

The coat also comes with a hood, prim cuffs and prim belt - the hood is not shown.

Bigger ..... Biggest

To finish things up, I'm wearing the pearl choker and earrings set from Paper Couture that was only available during the Jewelry Expo. It's not sold any longer and I'm sorry about that.

My hair is the Allure hair in Black Pearl from Naughty Designs and my skin is Pandora in Oyster from Adam n Eve.

~~~Shopping Bag and Info ~~~
Skin - Pandora - Oyster - Adam n Eve 4000L for a set of six coordinating make ups plus lashes, manicures, pedicures and facelight.
Hair - Allure - Black Pearl - Naughty Designs 300L per color family or 2000L for all colors
Coat - Gypsy Coat - Cherry - Truth - 225L
Jeans - Luxe Jeans - Crimson - Pixel Dolls - 250L
Boots - Fortunate - Black - Zhao Shoes - 400L including hud to control choice of walk sounds and volume.
Socks - Bootilicious boots and socks set - Red Suede (socks black/gray) - 225L per set or 1500 for 10 pr boots and 30pr socks.
Corsette - Peek-a-boo Corsette - Red Lotus - Cattiva e Cattivo - 100L or 7 colors for 650L


As mentioned the corsette set is a review item. So are the ankle boots. The skin is one I frequently wear as part of my work with Adam n Eve. All items are ones I like on their own and would have purchased at some point.
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Big List of Slurls

This is as much for me to refer to as for anyone else but feel free to take a look sometime. This will be edited as time passes and more slurls are added.

*1-800-Betties -

*/artilleri/ -
*Adam n Eve -

*Bare Rose -
*Bewitched Hair -
*Bonita's Jewelry -

*Cake -
*Cattiva e Cattivo -
*Chapeau Tres Mignon -
*Celestial Studios - Lulu -

*D E Designs -
*Devil Made Me Do It -
*Diamond Depot -
*Digit Darkes Couture - secondlife://Addictive/89/139/22
*Digital Dragon Designs -
*Diversity Hair - secondlife://Addictive/100/166/22

*ETD -
*Earth Tones -
*Elexor Matador Jewelry -
*Empyrean Emporium (Gala Skins) secondlife://Vaoetere/192/15/21
*Enkythings -
*Etch'd -

*Frangipani Designs -
*Freak Boutique -


*Hexed -
*House of Zen -

*Illusions - http://http//



*Last Call -

*Maitreya -
*Miam Miam -
*Minx Shoes -
*Miriel -

*Naughty Designs - Hair -
*Nevermore Studios -
*Nyte N Day -


*Paper Couture -
*Persona -
*Pixel Dolls -



*Savvy? -
*Second Wave Apparel -
*Sexy In Pink -
*Sh*t Happens -

*Tesla -
*Tete a Pied -
*Torridwear -
*Truth -


*Vitamin Ci -



*Zero Style -
*Zhao Shoes -
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Courtesy Warning

I'm doing some reorganizing posts here at Style Schmyle and then I have a new Quick Change I'll be posting.

Since the organizational posts will show up on the Fashion Planet feed, I just wanted to apologize for the possible look of spam.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quick Changes - Purple Royale

Today's outfit is deceptively simple, yet the sum of its parts - in my opinion at least - is wonderful!

Bigger ..... Biggest

As I mentioned way back in the beginning of my blog, I think that Sexy in Pink offers good value and good quality for the money. Recently they had a 50 percent off sale and I'm sure you can guess who was front and center!

There were, however, some brand new items that were not on sale and when yours truly happened to remark that she had been shopping a long time at SIP and in fact that theirs was one of the first items she had blogged, one of the partnership behind Sexy In Pink offered me a deal. If I would buy one item, he'd give me the companion pack as a review item. Of course I went for it and one of those pieces in the companion pack starts off this outfit.

It's called the Romance sweater and it is very romantic with its ruffled edge and pretty prim bow not to mention the flowing prim sleeves as well as the rich color. The basic pack also comes with a lace cami, two pair of jeans and a pair of shoes. The companion pack offers several color choices of the sweater with prim sleeves and prim bows for each color. I had to do minimal adjustment on the prims to my everlasting gratitude. :)

Bigger ..... Biggest

Some colors call for a very rich make up in order to "compete" so to speak so what you see here is the the "Colors' Make up in Tan Skingloss for Minnu Model Skins. I went with a hair that is quite unlike my usual choices - the Aveda Short Crop 3 in Noir from ETD. I love the slanted bangs and the small dangling pieces on each side that seem to elongate the whole hairstyle.

I'm wearing the Pave Heart and Wings Hoop Earrings from Miam Miam and felt that with the sleeves and prim bow that was more than enough jewelry for this ensemble. These earrings are also texture change with a choice of four metals.

Even though this outfit does come with jeans as I said above, I wanted to mix things up a bit more so I'm wearing the Winged Patch Jeans from Digit Darkes. These jeans also have studs around the waist and down each leg for added interest and to pick up the gold in the earrings - or vice versa. I should mention that I checked on the availability of these jeans as I always do when posting an item here and as of right now they are not in the store. However, they will be within a day or two so please keep that in mind!

I finished things off with the Sassy shoes from Maitreya in Mixed Violet. I'm wearing them here without the prim ties because of the jeans and I think they look cute, comfortable but still stylish.

I hope you'll agree.

~~~~~Shopping Bag and Info~~~~~~~
Minnu Model Skins - Skingloss - Colors 1150L per each or available in fatpacks depending on number of skins per pack (some skintones have more than others)
ETD for Aveda - Short Crop 3 Noir - 100L
Sexy In Pink Romance Extension Pack - fatpack for 175L
Digit Darkes - Winged Patch Jeans - 200L available soonish
Maitreya - Sassy Mixed Violet - 300L or fatpacks of 5 for 1100L
Miam Miam - Pave Heart and Wings Earrings - 95L
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fashion and Pricing

Okay, this has been percolating in my brain for a few days now and so, here goes.

In the first place, I have said many times and will reiterate here that I have tremendous respect for ALL SL Designers. I've tried making something as simple as a plain bra top and found it to be much more difficult than you might think and I wasn't trying to add prim attachments, shadows or any other little beauties to the top. Just a plain old top. So, I know it's a hella lot harder to do than most of us realize and I'm quite happy to hand over my Lindens for something beautiful. I'm happy to the tune of nearly 30K items just since June 07.

So, my commentary is not about having the money or not having the money. It's not about me saying to myself, I can do it better because believe me I know I can't.

And certainly as a budding builder, I recognize clearly the right of every content creator to set their own prices and to perhaps as they become more skilled RAISE their pricing to reflect that higher quality.

All that being said as a kind of disclaimer:

In the first place, without meaning to offend any of my fellow bloggers, reviewers, models, purchasers and so on, I think that a reality check is in order when we're talking about Haute Couture that exists ONLY as pixels, ONLY as textures on a mesh, ONLY as prims within a virtual world. It isn't earth shattering no matter how much we may think it is. Seriously now.

For that matter, I frequently think what is called Haute Couture in the real world is ludicrous too! And if I was the richest woman in America, I still wouldn't buy some of it. Sometimes buying something just for the sake of having it, in my case at least, is not enough.

Good for you if you happen to have a large disposable income to spend on whatever you please inworld or out. I'm sincerely happy for you!

I suspect that there are more people in Second Life with modest incomes than there are with higher ones, however. Yet, I find that lately, Second Life has begun to mirror Real Life in that money and expensive consumer goods is believed to convey some sort of special aura on the person lucky enough to have, own and afford them. It's becoming less about quality and more about the Name on the back pocket, less about beauty and more about the almighty Linden.

I look for value for my money and to be perfectly honest, I don't care if 20 people or 200 people or 2000 people own the same exact item as I do. We live in a world populated by millions of people, I certainly don't think I'm the only one to have discovered virtually anything here. If price is supposed to make something limited, why not just make it limited to begin with to the tune of only 500 copies or some such. Otherwise, in my opinion, it smacks a little too much of greed and elitism for my taste.

And let's be honest, sometimes price has nothing whatsoever to do with quality. It's just that the Designer, Maker, Content Creator can get people to buy their item for that price because it's new or it's the fashion or some other reason that has nothing to do with the work itself.

If I spend 1000L or over on an item you can bet it's one I genuinely love, will wear as many times as I can get away with and think is of the highest possible quality. It won't be because it's the fad or because someone else thinks I should or because it happens to come with a high price tag and therefore is exclusive. It'll be because I practically want to marry that item. Period.

And for that matter, that's what this blog is about. Things I like, enjoy and think someone else may enjoy too. It's not about what happens to be in fashion or what somebody else tells me is the latest thing. Everything that's the latest thing is already so five minutes ago, you know?

So, if you're a designer who is pricing their items at nearly 1000L or over, please be advised that I, at least, will not be purchasing said item unless I want to marry it.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Quick Changes - Brown Coats are Comin'

I'm trying a different format with this post, see what you think?

Bigger ..... Biggest


Bigger ..... Biggest

<~~~~~~Items and Where to Buy them~~~~~~~>

Skin - Adam n Eve - Pandora t2 - m2 - 1800L for set of 2 makeups both with or without pubics, matching manicures and pedicures, eyelashes and facelamp
Nails - Adam n Eve - Popcorn 100L for a set of 2 matching pedicures and manicures
Eyes - Miriel - Peacock - 50L or 125L for 4
Hair - Diversity Hair - Sydney - Seaside Sand - 175L or 300L or 1000L
Bra - Persona - Well Behaved Bra - Orange
Shirt - Persona - Sheer Buttoned Shirt - Orange 280L pack of four or 90L each including bra top
Pants - House of Zen - Leather Pants - Brown 250L
Shoes - Enkythings - Tagona II Dragon - Orange 250L
Jewelry - Illusions - Minerva - Copper $165L
Coat - Etch'd - Drifter - Roses - Brown 350L

<~~~~~~Reviews and observations ~~~~~~~>

I originally put this outfit together for an assignment over at Metropolitan Models but what with illness etc., didn't really get to submit the pictures. That means you get the benefit of all my nattering on instead. I should mention that I do work for Adam n Eve now, but that doesn't change the fact that I think that Pandora is genuinely one of the best skins available in Second Life right now. I also think it's one of the most underrated. I especially love the dewy, glowy look of the skin and the careful attention to details like feet, knees and collarbones, not to mention the gorgeous shoulders and behind. You can't see those things here but trust me, they're great.

I began this outfit knowing I wanted to show off this lovely coat from Etch'd. I realize it's been blogged before but some things bear repeating. I tried my best to show you the great look of collar and cuffs which both come in two sizes, as does the coat tails. You also receive a jacket and collar with turtleneck or without as well as the gloves you see here. I believe this also comes in black and in other patterns as well as the roses shown here and it's genuinely one of my favorite coats.

I wanted an autumnal look with this outfit and found that I had very little of the pale orange color I was looking for in my wardrobe. Fortunately during the New Shoots Fashion Show I had purchased two packs of the great Persona sheer shirts and one of them was the right color orange. For the shots with the jacket I did not wear the prim cuffs and it worked perfectly. You do get the bra for under the shirt in case you don't want the girls showing too much. I love the wrinkles on the shirt texture as well as the tiny buttons you can just see. I also want to take a moment to acknowledge that yes the prim cuffs are slightly off tone to the shirt. this is however an sl colorization issue when you color prims and not necessarily something that is the designer's fault.

I paired the shirt with a pair of brown leather pants that I had purchased a while ago from House of Zen. These are to be found in the Men's Department but they worked fine for me and I'm sure they'll work fine for other female avatars. I loved the detailing on the seat in particular on these.

Rummaging in my inventory I came up with these shoes by Enkythings which have the orange flecked dragon pattern on them to pull the colors together. These are the Tagona II shoes and I'm especially fond of the little double straps and buckles across the instep and the overall shape of the shoe.

I'd recently bought this hair when I took these pictures and I am thrilled with the angled shape and the flyaway tendrils plus the touch tintable barrettes on the side. This hair is great for any number of occasions from elegant to casual and I tend to wear it quite a bit while messing about at home.

Last but certainly not least is this necklace and earring set by Illusions, called Minerva. The neckpiece is a witch flying on her broom and the earrings are little dangling brooms. I thought this was such a cute set and the copper color seemed to fit the autumnal theme not to mention that witches and october go together like cake and ice cream. The glow and texture are amazing!

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Most Heartfelt Sympathies

Today I had intended to post my first new post in a while but after reading the statement from Last Call, I feel that would be grossly inappropriate.

Instead, I send only my deepest condolences in these hours of sorrow.

And when ye come, and all the flowers are dying,
If I am dead, as dead I well may be,
Ye'll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an Ave there for me.
And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me,
And o'er my grave shall warmer, sweeter be,
And if you bend and tell me that you love me,
Then I shall sleep in peace until you come to me.

---Danny Boy by Frederick Weatherly
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

One of those months...yeah?

Another FYI note for readers.

I've been sick with an infection that affected another condition I have and that combined put me in the hospital for the better part of a week. I'm still recovering, on antibiotics yadda yadda yadda.

This isn't a whinge or cry for sympathy just to let people know who may be wondering.

Thanks for reading.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random Question/Thought of the Day

This isn't really fashiony but I'm hoping someone out there knows the answer. Feel free to im me or leave a comment, either one.

I want to reorganize my picks and I can't seem to find out how to change the parcel part at the bottom so it says: No Parcel, Sim Somewhere, 128,128,128

Anyone know what I'm talking about and how to do that?

I'm working on a new post comparing some skins, so look for that probably by the weekend.
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Maia and The Booties

This is the story of another cute little pair of shoes, or rather booties that were dropped on me by Megg Demina of Chapeau Tres Mignon. It's taken me some time to decide on just how I wanted to present them and I'm pretty sure almost everything in this post has been blogged before though not, I think, together.

I think it's no secret, by now, that I love shoes and that I can and will take the time to feature a pair I like. That's the case with these booties. From the slender heels to the gold laces to the eyelets to the fur cuffs, there is nothing about these little beauties that I don't love. In fact, I was so enthused, and also so happily shocked and surprised to receive review copies that I instant messaged Megg to tell her how awesome I thought they were.


I had just one problem. My scary 23K plus inventory did not yield to me, at first, the right combination of items I thought would best flatter and reveal the virtues of Megg's creations whilst balancing them with an equal measure of style.

Problem 1 - I couldn't, no I just couldn't, cover all the details of the booties with pants, prim cuffs or long skirts. Ideally the accompaniment would be a short skirt of some variety.

Problem 2 - By and large, I am not a fan of yellow. It's just, one of those things, yellow and I are not comfortable companions. Psst, Megg, some red laces and soles or some purple ones would be fabulous.

I ruffled back and forth through my inventory like a storm. Boas, shawls, skirts, and sundry other items were tossed wildly about. Inspiration hit when I realized that one of the few items in my inventory of the appropriate yellow hue was the wonderful Decadence Maia outfit from Bare Rose. I sometimes have thought that this outfit has way more panache than I do because I've put it on several times, gazed at it in longing, and then put on something else. Its detailed skirt, cuffs and bodice not to mention the sleek shiny texture simply overwhelm me.

Now, however was the time; I saw that the colors seemed wonderfully well matched and that Maia and the Booties seemed to be getting along with courteous savoir faire.

Bigger Biggest

New problem, though. I thought my legs looked too pale between Maia's glamorous sheen and the mink-like softness of the booties' cuffs but I wanted something a tad more sheer than the tights that come with Maia. After a rummage through a series of great little boutiques to find the right accoutrement, I finally settled on these great "Pantyhose" in Ebony from 1-800-Betties. Not only do these babies really go all the way up and come on all lower layers, the silky seam up the back of the leg added what I felt was just the right touch.

Arrgh! But now I thought that my neck was also too bare within the sculpted shoulder skimming curve of Maia's neckline. A quick plea for advice yielded several suggestions and I finally chose the River Rock Necklace and Black Pearl Drop Earrings set from Paper Couture to fill in the curve and pull black up from feet to head. I also liked the way that this particular necklace features a rounded silver accent piece that I felt matched well with the silver cuff and skirt and belt fittings.

I knew immediately I wanted to wear Pompadour from Zero Style with this ensemble and any other accessories would have been gilding the lily though I thought very hard about the Lagerfeld headband, also from Chapeau Tres Mignon.

Oh, and Maia and The Booties and I lived happily ever after. The End.


Shopping Bag:

Chapeau Tres Mignon - Fur Booties - $300L
Bare Rose - Decadence Maia - pack of four colors - $135L
1-800-Betties - Ebony Pantyhose - $60L
Paper couture - River Rock Necklace with Pearl Drop Earrings (set) $250L
Zero Style - Pompadour - Black - $150L
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Friday, October 5, 2007

Gossip Girl in Second Life - Game Tutorial

Cool Video, can you spot me and other bloggers in the vid?

Spotted first on Scarlett Niven's blog, woot!
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Quick Changes - Sweater Time

It's me again.

I apologize both to those kind enough to share review copies with me and to my readers (all ten of you ;) for not posting in a while. It's easy to make excuses. Point is, some stuff happened that impacted both real life and second life. It's taken me a while to get on my feet again and I'm still not sure I'm there yet.

I'd also like to take this time to thank everyone who was involved with the New Shoots Fashion Show that took place this past weekend, especially Alaska Metropolitan, and our two featured designers, Myllie Writer of Persona and Annah Whitfield of AnnaH Couture. I learned a lot and had a great time and can't wait to do more of the same :) In addition, giving a shout out to all my fellow Metro Models, many of whom were far more experienced than I and were kind and patient with a newb model like moi!

I know some others have blogged the actual show, so gonna leave that to them!



Moving on. This is an outfit I named Sweatertime, lol. It's another Quick Change and was spurred in part by a pair of shoes! Tesla Miles of Tesla has been coming out with some wonderful sculptie shoes and she was kind enough to share with me her new Leather Vixens. I honestly think this is one of the best forays into sculptie shoes I've seen. Something about the shape of them, just appeals to me.

I worked from the feet up on this one, ya'll. I think I'm betraying my age here because the first thing I thought of was legwarmers. These are by Lulu at Celestial Studios and they come in a pack of six. They are both tintable and copiable too, so if you have a color that's not quite right, you can change it. The texture is very cosy and warm, as well.

I didn't want to wear pants because sometimes that covers your shoes and that wasn't gonna work for me. I hunted around in my inventory and found this gorgeous skirt, simply called Black Net Skirt. If you look at the detail photo you can see that the texture is really nice on this and the fit, for me at least, was fairly simple. The bad news is that when I tried to hunt this skirt down for price and slurl information, I couldn't find it. I did find some outlets (including the now extinct location I bought it from) but the skirt itself was nowhere to be found. I did see, among the hail of Fashion Consolidated notices, one from Overdose so perhaps she's finished moving inventory etc. I'll cross my fingers because I love this skirt.

At this point, I knew right away what I wanted to wear. This is one of the new Tango collection sweaters from D E Designs. It's called a Cowl Neck but to me it looks a bit more like a fold over ribbed collar. In either case, the texture is marvelous and the price is definitely right. I thought the color was perfect but felt that the waist could use a little help since the sweater is jacket layer only, with gloves to extend the sleeves.

Bigger Biggest

I've had trouble finding prim belts that I like, can afford, and that fit me fairly well. I lucked out on this belt, which I bought during one of Digit Darke's wonderful half price sales. It's called the Darlin'Belt by Synthetic Dreams & X3D. I couldn't fit the detail on the composite but it has cute little things on the back of the belt and of course, the huge buckle in front. I chose the black and silver but I believe it comes in a couple colors and buckle metals.

My other accessories are the neck scarf from the Hallow outfit from Vitamin-Ci. Please note, although the scarf is modifiable it is not copiable. In this case I retextured mine, but it comes in colors to match the outfits which are great to begin with. I was willing to risk changing the texture and losing the original texture but you might not fair warning!

That left me with needing only earrings to feel this outfit was complete so I put on the earrings from the Rosalyn necklace and earrings set from Illusions. They come in about 5 different metal choices and I bought the fatpack during the Expo. These are in tarnished to bring out more black.

My hair is the River style from Maitreya in Platinum and my skin is the Minnu Models - Skingloss - Tan - Colors skin. Both of these are wonderful, imho. The hair comes with built in GLOW in two sizes per pack (or a fat pack) and the skins are sold as either singles or a fatpack.


Shopping Bag:

Tesla Leather Vixen - 1pair for $349L or the fatpack of 9 for $1999L
Celestial City - Lulu - Legwarmers - 6pack for $200L
1-800-Betties - Ebony Pantyhose - 1pr - 60L
Overdose - Black Net Skirt - Pricing unknown, poss unavailable.
Synethetic Dreams & X3D - Darlin' Belt in Black and Silver - 200L
D E Designs - Cowl Neck Sweater - 1 for $125L or 3pack for $250L
Illusions - Rosalyn Necklace and Earring Set - 1 choice of metal for $125L, fatpack of 5 metals - $315L
Vitamin-Ci - Hallow Dress set - 1 for 225L or 3pack for 300L
Maitreya - River hair in Platinum Glow - color family pack (i.e. blondes, blacks, etc) $150L or fatpack of 6 color packs for $600L
Minnu Model Skins - $1150 each or fatpack which vary by number of skins per pack.Some skintones have, I believe, more than others.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quick Changes - Retrology

Here's a new Quick Changes post, which grew partially out of a visit to the Retrology Sim. I and a gaggle of my girlfriends visited the other night and I do suggest that you make a trip there sometime soon just for fun. I have recently been greatly enamored of /artilleri/ clothing and the skirt and top I'm wearing here both come from there. Since I think the skirt and jewelry are only to be found on the Retrology sim, I'm giving both /artilleri/ locations.

I started with two items I really love. The first is Hannah, the highwaisted skirt. The fun part about this skirt is that the waist portion is on the jacket layer, allowing for you to tuck a variety of blouses into it. It also has a flexi section that suits me very well. I paired the skirt with another great item, the Beatrix blouse in pink. You get prim cuffs and a prim collar, as well as the shirt on two separate clothing layers. I was delighted to find that there's also two attachment points provided for the collar so that you can still wear a necklace with this blouse. Please notice the button details on both the skirt and blouse which line up perfectly.

Next I added the glitter love earrings in pink and the lucky heart necklace, also from /artilleri/ and thought I had this outfit pretty much complete.

I recently lost most of my jewelry, all of the jewelry that I had sorted into a folder is just gone, but Bonita Popinjay of Bonita's Jewelry was kind enough to replace the few items I had purchased from her. The double wrap pearl bracelet, therefore, was something I could easily reach for and went well with the rest of the outfit. I also had the bangles found in the random freebie box from Sh*t Happens and the first set happens to be black and pink. Perfect :)

I already had decided on the Pin-Up Vivant skin from Tete A Pied, in Buff, and chose the 2nd make up to match the pinky tones in the blouse and jewelry. I love the sort of kitten eye make up on this skin that suits the retro look I was building. I recently received the Amy hair Everything Pack from Bewitched Hair as a gift from a friend and chose the latte shade to wear with this outfit. It reminds me a bit of Amy Winehouse and I love that retro feel she seems to embody.

That only left shoes and though I have shoes from many many great designers, I couldn't decide on a pair to go with the outfit. Enktan Gully of enkythings shoes solved that problem for me when he dropped the entire Redo Collection on me this morning. I chose the Yuja II shoes in Pink for this outfit because I liked the echo of black bottom and pink top that seemed to match my ensemble and there was something a little vintage about the style itself. These shoes along with several others are reworkings of original enkythings shoes.

Enktan offers some information that readers may be interested in:

Customers that bought one or more pair of the old collection can get these newer versions for free.
(If they bought them at a reduced price during the sales period, they can get the new versions for L$100, Kaseyo II for L$70)
Customers with transferable enkythings shoes will need to exchange them, but customers with copyable enkythings Shoes - most of you - can receive the newer versions and keep their older ones.
Therefor I will be at their service in the enkythings Shoes store every day between the following hours:

2 - 3 AM
8 - 9 AM
2 - 3 PM

This offer last until september 30.

Shopping Bag:
Hanna High Waist Skirt - 120L
Beatrix blouse in pink - 100L
Glitter Love Earrings (Pink) 7 pack for $150L
Lucky Heart Necklace - 110L
Bewitched Hair - Amy - 195L per color pack
Enkythings - Yuja II Pink - 250L
Bonita's Jewelry - 150L - Double Wrap pearl bracelet
Bangle Set One - Random Freebies Box - 1L
Tete A Pied - Vivant Collection - Pinup 2 - Buff - 500L each or 1200L per 3 pack.

Click the pics above for a larger view.
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Friday, September 14, 2007

In case anyone would like to know

Post Edited. Nothing to see on this one, sorry folks.
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Quick Changes - Feeling Fall

I'm trying something new out today. I'm going to call these posts Quick Changes. Images are clickable to larger sizes.

These are just outfits that I put on for a day or an hour or however long. I seem to change clothes a lot in SL, so hence the name.

I'm feeling the onset of Fall in my bones, even though it's still quite warm in my neck of the First Life woods. That mood pretty much started me off with this ensemble which I put together mainly by choosing complementary colors and items that had stuck steadfastly in my mind.

I'll start out by saying I am incredibly torn between a few skin makers right now; you're all killin' me with the goodies. I'm wearing the Minnu Model Skins in TanSkinGloss - Love make up in these pictures and I love it quite a lot.;)

The hair in these shots is by Cake, the Europa style in Black. I rarely wear styles shorter than bra strap length but this hair has completely seduced me. It just rocks.

My first Fall item I chose to wear was something I'd been wanting to wear for a few days. It's the Poppin' It top in bronze. Notice the cute little Savvy? mark on the bottom hem and the assymetric buttons in the back. This bronze color seems rich and yet not overbearing and that's what I wanted. It also looks warm but not too warm, suitable for the changeable weather this time of year.

I found that I didn't have too many brown or beige or chocolate items in my inventory which was a little surprising but I was happy I had purchased these great pants from ETD. They are an amazing bargain too for only $1L for 8 pairs.

Click for largest possible size.

Since my skintone was also tan, I was a little worried I was going too monochromatic and would begin to look like walking toast with hair. This was a golden opportunity, therefore, to pull out one of my new purchases. The Jungle belt from HoHo (listed as Hobo also in my inventory) added just the right touch and coordinated with the pink tone to my lipstick. The belts come in two sizes and mine took minimal adjusting to my everlasting gratitude. Hoho also carries other belts and bags and will be closing shortly so get your stuff before then. All items are on sale, but be aware that the store shares a location with two others.

I'd been looking for more opportunities to wear the Grace heels from Maitreya and this was a perfect match. These shoes were another item that seemed to step across the boundary between Summer and Fall with ease. All I had left to do was add some accessories and I reached, as I so often do, for something in leopard print. The bangle set from Earthtones fit the bill perfectly. I added another touch of pink with my nails to pick up the same shade in my lipstick and belt - the Lulu nailpolish in Hot Pink from Celestial Studios and finishing up with a long necklace, the Boho Necklace in Mixed Cherry Woods from Earthones.

I felt like a million bucks and my quick change was complete.

The Look:
Minnu Model Skin - TanSKinGloss - Love - $1150L
Europa Hair in black from Cake - $350L
Poppin' It Top in Bronze from Savvy? - $75L
Barley (or Barely) Pants Fat Pack from ETD - $1L
Grace Heels in brown from Maitreya - $250L
Leopard Bangle Set from Earthtones - $99L
Boho Necklace in Mixed Cherry Woods from Earthtones - $179L
Lulu Nails in HotPink by Celestial Studios - $100L for 3pack
Belt v2 in Jungle by HoHo - $50L

Poses used in this post are by Maitreya.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I wear boots all summer long ...and shoes!


I'm sorry I haven't been posting. First Life has been a bit hairy lately, not to mention that I decided I didn't like the first batch of pictures I took for this post. There was nothing really wrong with them, I was just too much of a perfectionist is all. I've recently been told that there may be a weird aspect ratio thing going on with my pictures. If you notice that please feel free to comment, but I can't see it on my machine.

I tried my best to make these pictures as identical as possible in terms of size and pose, but that wasn't always possible. Any differentiation is nothing more than me getting interrupted, having to leave and come back.

So, on to the shoes and boots. These are not especially new boots or shoes, though I think all of them are relatively new. Mainly though, these are just shoes and boots that I've purchased recently and truly enjoy. I hope you will too.


One of the things I love in SL is the fact that I can wear things that would either be out of my reach price wise in First Life, or that I can wear things that I might not have the courage to wear in First Life.

These boots are a prime example of both those things. I frankly love them. I love the sheen on the texture and the screaming high heel. I love the dangling bits on the thigh and well, I really enjoy them. Most of all I love the "in your face" sex appeal of these boots. ;)

The nitty gritty on these is that they are made by Minx Shoe Designs. Look for the Sultry Obsession display. Priced at $995L these are probably some of the most expensive boots you'll find in sl. I think they are worth every L.

Next up is something the manufacturer calls a shoe but to me looks sorta like a boot. Whichever they are, they are definitely full out sexy! These too are something I relish in Second Life because I might not be able to find or wear then in First. I love things that wrap and tie in some way, and the look of leather or ribbon wrapped around and around all the way up the thigh is a definite attraction for me.

I love the gleaming texture used and the dangerous needle sharp heel just makes it all better! Made by Devil Made Me Do It, these are priced at only $200L or get a fat pack of 12, including a snake and leopard print for $2000L. I think it's a steal at the price and these shoes/boots make me feel like prancing.

Changing things up here a bit are these great sculpty shoes, "Jane" by Tesla. I know these have been blogged a bit and in fact someone else's blog post is what sent me looking for them, but it doesn't hurt to give them a bit more exposure. I chose the leopard print since, as I've said before, I adore the leopard print and buy nearly everything in some version of it at some point.

These are lovely pumps with the added detail of an ankle strap. See my previous comments about things that tie or wrap. ;) The strap is modifiable in order to get that perfect fit and I think the pump shape is very well done. As a bonafide shoe fan, these shoes were a must have for me. The price was also very right, $349L each and they also come in colors or zebra print. There's a fat pack of 7 colors plus a bonus plaid for $1589, but this does not include the animal prints.

Moving on, I don't think I could possibly make a post about shoes without mentioning the Yelena platforms by Last Call. I find myself reaching for these shoes quite often, especially with a boho or casual look. I think the texture work is fabulous with the look of wood with that thread of gold running through it, especially on the stacked heel.

The straps are practically perfect and the jewel on the toe adds a touch of richness that I appreciate. I know that these too have been blogged before but I love these so much, I wanted to put in a little plug for them. These are priced at $250L which I think is a fantastic buy. :)

Last but certainly not least on this post are these realistic looking shoes from Zhao Shoes. Part of the recent release of new styles when Zhao Shoes moved into its new HQ, I can't help but feel these are some of the best engineered high heels I have put on. When I first put them on I couldn't help but exclaim about the fact that
there is none of that foot mangling that often happens with heels. You know what I mean, that thing where the visible part of your foot looks way too long and narrow, or the toes look bashed. You get none of that with these.

These are probably not the highest heels I've put on or own, but I have to say these are definitely one of the first I think of when someone asks me about a real looking shoe. Plus, who could resist the cute pattern texture? The style is called Betty and is priced at 350L.


I hope you've found something here that maybe you didn't know about or hadn't tried and that you've enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading. All pictures above are clickable for larger views and I apologize, I haven't yet figured out how to do some kind of cut for the length of the post. That will come soon.

I used poses by Old Gravy and Long Awkward Pose in this post. If you're looking for poses, give them a looksee.

Disclosure: I was given a pair of Betty in another color, but chose to review the pair I purchased this time round. All colors are awesome!
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Bandwagoning says I'm a Kinda Dorky High Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

seen everywhere it seems

Also, apologies for tardiness in blogging. Lots of stuff happening and I'm a bit swamped.
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Hello, I'm Delilah

I just noticed to my immense pleasure that this blog has been included on the Fashion Planet feed. Woot!!! Thank you Tao!

I've made posts previously about why I started a fashion blog, and also what my policies are regarding having this blog. You can read those to get some idea about what this blog is about.

I've tried to explain a bit who I am in my blogger profile but in a nutshell; what I've discovered is that Second Life offers a real opportunity to literally be and express whatever mood a player may be in on a given day. I enjoy that very much and I'm learning and exploring every day, both the world of SL and about myself. I think that clothes and skin and hair are wonderful tools for that expression.

I'm not here to talk about what anyone should wear, or how to be a great fashion maven, or how to copy the latest runway looks. I'm here to show you what I'm wearing, and to talk about why and perhaps share something you haven't seen, along with hopefully being both interesting and entertaining.

Look for a new post from me sometime today about shoes and boots, and thanks for stopping by or for reading this post.
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baubles Bangles and Beads

This is a follow up to my previous post, Tale of a Tank

My first choice, and the very first thing I thought of that I wanted to wear with Canimal's Helena skirt and Popfuzz's tanks was the Hooptastic earrings by [Woo's]. After a good bit of deliberation I decided on the Catty pack which contains a total of 25 pairs of earrings in a large selection of colors and two variations. Leopard is one of my favorite patterns and I make a point of buying nearly everything in leopard at some point.

I also wanted some solid color ones in a similar style and after a prolonged hunt I found the 18 pack of hoop earrings at Diamond Depot. You get gold, platinum and color change in three sizes in the pack. The colors are changed with a hud attachment making it a no fuss and no muss method of color changing in my opinion since there's on command to remember. Click the picture above for a larger view.

I also got the opportunity to speak with Wednesday Soon at [Woo's] and suggested the solid color hoops to her. She said that sounded like a good idea and that she was thinking of other patterns as well. Expect more great earrings from her at any time!

Next, I wanted a necklace and bracelets that might match my outfits with a similar lack of fuss and the same easy versatility. I searched but didn't really come up with what I was looking for until I started poking around in my own inventory. The simple string of beads I'm wearing is called Jot, and I'm not entirely sure it's still available. It's from Nyte N Day, another of my very favorite stores and the colors change with a simple chat command. The Jot set also contains a bracelet so that's what I'm wearing in most of these pictures. I tried other bracelets for the second wrist but then dug up a bracelet by Digital Dragon Designs in silver with a color change detail - again with a simple chat command.

I felt that this ensemble was nearly complete!

I'm wearing the Pump Classics in all pictures by Minx Shoe Designs with the Gothic 1 socks with the Gothic 2 lace cuffs from Freak Boutique. If you like frilly socks, frilly tights or even just the schoolgirl look you have to take a look at Freak Boutique and as far as I'm concerned Minx Shoe Designs has some of the sexiest shoes I've found in Second Life!

In the Pink photo, I'm wearing the Debutante hair by Celestial Studios. It's a shorter style with a color change hair bow which seemed like a no brainer in this post. :) I'm also wearing the TaP Vivant Sultry 2 in Buff.

In the Blue photo I'm wearing the Carlisle style by Bewitched Hair. It's a newer style, as are the other two shown and I like the wisps around the face and the fact that it's pulled back so that the earrings I'm wearing can show. With it,I'm wearing the TaP Vivant PinUp 2 in Buff

In the Orange photo, I'm wearing another Bewitched Hair style. It's called Aphrodite and I really feel ooh la la when I wear it. The skin is TaP Vivant Glam 2 in Buff.

In the Olive photo, I'm wearing Hilary. It too is a Bewitched Hair style. To be honest, Bewitched Hair has been one of my favorites almost since my Rez Day. I believe I'm wearing Sultry 1 from Tap Vivant in Buff. And that's the skin I'm wearing in all of these pictures on this entry.

Bewitched Hair
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Tale of a Tank

It all started, as so many things do with a really great skirt. It's the Helena skirt, perhaps better known as one of the skirts in the Emo Collection at Canimal. As you can see, it's basic black with a piped edging in a variety of colors. It also features a wonderful waistband and two button detail. I bought the fat pack because not only does it have a scrumptious texture and a nice lower rise fit but the variety of colors is fabulous. Immediately after buying the pack however, I hit a snag. It's a small snag but one that quickly grew to large proportions in my mind.

Let me explain.

I wear an oil layer. I don't approve of oil in the skin because usually that involves a face that looks like it ought ot be zit city and the oil is just too oily. Blech. I have found that NyokoWear's light oil is perfect to give a nice sheen to the skin without looking like I'm in desperate need of a scrub down with strong soap. I also have the regular version for swimsuits and a third one for tan lines. So, assuming I'm wearing the oil on the underwear layer as I usually do (and Nyoko kindly supplies the oil on every layer) that leaves the shirt layer for any tattoos I may want to include. I have a large and ever growing collection of tattoos and I truly enjoy wearing them.

That means that unless I want to go topless, I need my top on the jacket layer. I did find some at various places, including Escape, TorridWear and Second Wave Apparel. Despite the fact that I liked all of these choices, none of them were quite what I had in mind. Ditto the tops that Canimal made to go with the skirts, which are wonderful but not plain. In desperation, I called out to a group that I'm in called Fashion Emergency. In response to my plea, many suggestions were made - but best of all, a designer named Popfuzz Bamboo instant messaged me. "I can put some tanks on the jacket layer for you," she said. The picture of the tank she dropped on me was perfect in every detail and while I waited, she let me select the colors I wanted - even made one new color so that I could have tanks on the jacket layer to match my new skirts. The results speak for themselves. In each box at Popfuzz, you get the tank in all three top layers.

Click Here for Largest Possible View

As you can see, the tank is short, as it would be on the shirt layer, allowing a little glimpse of tummy and not interfering with the waistband of the skirt. The straps are very thin and the back of the tank drops a bit so that a back tattoo will still show ...and as I discovered, you can wear a low back tattoo with this outfit as well. Incidentally that's one of the back tattoos that Popfuzz will soon have available for purchase that I'm wearing in this shot, demonstrating the small straps as I mentioned. :)

Click here for largest possible size view.

The Helena skirt comes in a total of 7 colors and Popfuzz has an entire wall of tanks in every conceivable shade. She even made the orange one to match the skirt so all colors are available if you're a diva like me who has to make things difficult for yourself and everyone else.

Click here for largest possible view.

I also went on something of a quest for accessories while preparing for this post so see my very next post regarding the earrings, bracelets and necklaces not to mention hair, skin and shoes that I'm wearing in these pictures. This one got too long to include all of that too!

Click here for largest possible view.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Note: I did edit these slightly by removing them from the white background against which they were taken and putting them on a textured background and creating a composite image. I finally got out my Glam Studio that I purchased months ago. Woot! Poses were either those already in the studio or by makers previously mentioned in my Policies post.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Irina by Last Call

In a lot of ways, the picture really does speak for itself. Irina, part of the new Catwalk Collection from Last Call, really is a beautiful gown. The texture of the bodice in particular appeals to me a great deal, and I am gaga about the corsetlike seaming. There are many beautiful gowns in sl, but not all of them manage this luxe jet setting quality. I should note that the dress comes with prim decorations at the shoulder which are beautiful but not particularly to my taste. As I've said before, I'm not really haute couture, I just like to watch it. ;)

This also has a lovely float to the flexi panels which I assume must be hard to achieve as I don't see it that often. Some of my regular ao poses don't work that well with it but they don't work with any flexi gown like this so that's not the fault of the dress.

I've tried to also capture the details of the skirt both at top and bottom with the gold triangle filigree decorations. Unfortunately, though they are beautiful, they also are trouble for my particular avatar.

The skirt floats a little way on the outside of my avatar as you can see in the one snapshot and no amount of fiddling would fix it so that the triangles would also match up properly. I have, as I've notated before, a very slim avatar, so I'm sure that this problem is to do with that more than anything else but I feel to blog about this gown, I should mention that, in my opinion, tiny flaw as well.

I still very much enjoyed wearing this gown and love having it in my inventory to take out for wear again. Still I'm hoping for that mysterious designer shape that's out there, so that my skirts will fit my body as they were intended.

I'm wearing Irina with the Kate hair by Frangipani Designs, the Gold Sequin maryjanes from Digit Darkes and the Heirloom Collection in gold by Elexor Matador Jewelry. Skin is still Lily - Tan - by Artilleri, lashes are still Classic 3 by Celestial Studios.

Blog Policies
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Policies and Addendums

This post was edited on December 08, 2007

#1 I do not retouch my snapshots other than to crop them out of the background from my studio and placing them as necessary on a composite background. There are no filters, sharpening or other photoshop magic being applied to these other than stated. These look pretty much as they would in world if you saw me wearing them.

#2 All photos are taken by me and edited as posted in #1 by me. Nobody else is fiddling with them.

#3 I use poses by Maitreya, Long Awkward Pose, TorridWear and a few others. I'll add the slurls when I get the chance.

#4 So far, since this is a new blog and all - everything I've reviewed has been something I purchased. I do have one item on a forthcoming post that was given to me and I will notate that in the post.

#5 Regarding Review Copies - After having this blog a while and in an effort to perhaps be more current with my posts, I have decided to start soliciting Review Copies of items. If I ask for any item, I will do my very best to see that item posted in a timely manner. For me a timely manner will be within a week as I am trying to go to a twice weekly format of posts. If you give me a review copy unsolicited, I will try to see that item posted asap, but cannot promise to post it within a week and it may or may not be part of a Quick Change. Please understand my time constraints :/.

#6 My rl is very busy right now so I'll probably be posting no more than twice a week - depending on events.

#7 I have a home base now both for building purposes and studio housing but also simply to meet and greet visitors. Please feel free to im!
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Me and My Big Mouth

I am at heart an essentially shy person. I always want to do things that in theory sound fun and useful and good and all that lovely stuff. Sometimes later they get me feeling like I'm stuck way out in front too far. Arrgh.

In any event I attended a fun Closet Crisis event last night and although I wasn't a finalist, I still had fun. The fashion choices included ducky boots, hats wth sheep and hippie dresses, hee! Me being me, I wrote up my note card for the event as if I was writing in this blog. That being the case, I'll take pictures, fill in the slurls and go ahead and post it.

It features a big hat, lacy wrist things and shoes that make clicky noises. What's not to love? ;)

And so much more new stuff has appeared this weekend. There aren't enough hours or L's for all the goodies.

I'll be editing this blog sometime today with links etc and I think I'm going to get brave and tell a couple people I'm here, maybe add this website to my profile. Yikes!
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Runched Hanky Hem Dress by Sexy In Pink Plus Extras

I am a very sad person. I am a sad person who shops so much she needs a special shopping bag folder. I am a sad person who is constantly unable to control her inventory and therefore doesn't know what she has half the time.

That's why I only found this dress in my inventory last night. It's the only explanation. It's an adorable dress too, it really is.

See the photographic evidence below.

I'm not entirely sure but I think you can click to get a larger version.

At any rate, the dress has nice shading for a realistic "runched" effect, it's a great color and best of all in my book, the prims skirt fits me without a lot of fiddling. To top it off, it comes with matching shoes for the skinny price of 275L!

What's not to love? My quibbles are small, the main one being that I noticed while trying to pose for this post that the mesh top like all mesh tops stretches in odd ways on your avatar's body which screws with the texturing. Otherwise, I think this is a bargain and a half.

Moving on, I wanted to talk briefly about the hair and other accessories I'm wearing in the above picture. The hair is by Frangipani Designs and is called Kate. Yes, that Kate, if it looks a bit familiar to anyone out there reading this. I noticed it actually on seeing a post on the Fashion World of SL feed regarding a customer comment on that very fact.

Folks, the collection is called Paparazzi, that should be a clue. 'Nuff said. As for the hair itself, I very much like it, it has both static and flexi pieces which are a must for me, fits nicely on my avatar's head and required almost no fiddling to fit perfectly. The colors at FD are nice also. While you're at Frangipani Designs don't forget to check out both the sale wall and the regular fashions. :)

The skin I'm wearing is by Artilleri, the Lily series in tan. This is my new favorite skin. I've purchased...enough individual skins to make nearly two fatpacks and crossed 3 different skin tones. There's a sultry and coy look about the make ups on this skin that I just can't get enough of. Note that some of these skins have freckles so if that's not your bag be cautious. This is the Marielle make up.

I'm wearing the wonderful Heirloom Collection Jewelry in Gold by Elexor Matador Jewelry thanks to a generous gift and it really has to be seen to be believed.

Shopping Bag:
Sexy In Pink -

Artilleri -

Frangipani Designs -

Elexor Matador Jewelry -


Eyes and Nails by Nevermore Studios -
Lashes by Celestial Studios -

Credits: Poses by Maitreya - and Long Awkward Pose -

I shopped for these myself, they were not review copies and I'm not even sure anyone is reading this, lol.

Edited to add Tag

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Bitch Bitch Bitch...

So, let me preface this little rant with the fact that I'm going on no sleep, lots of stress and some rl stuff that makes me want to do various things involving sporks to the eyes of some idiots it is my misfortune to know.

In all fairness, I have a very slender avatar. Very slender. She also has a bust and a booty and a touch of muscle here and there but nevertheless slender. Probably one of the more slender out there, especially since I made her taller after I met my partner so that we could couples dance etc without being so terribly mismatched. I've toyed with my sliders and the only shape I like is that one...go figure.

Prim skirts are both the delight and the bane of my existence. I hold a special place in my heart for designers who either a) include more than one size of prim skirt in the box - bless you or b) your skirt just actually fits me without too much tweaking - hallelujah!.

In preparing a couple of posts for this blog I had to come to the conclusion that there is a mysterious designer shape floating around about which I know nothing. It's a shape passed from one designer to the other, at least insofar as avatar hips and behind are concerned. Gimme, alright?!!!! I need the mysterious and magical hip slider numbers so my skirts will fit, aiight? Please Please Please? Failing that, could you please put more than one size of skirt in the box? Please?

And while I'm on the subject of stuff I wish designers would do? (or not do) Please, you have to have a picture to slap on the vendor or box right? Would it kill you to put the picture in the box so that when I'm scrolling through thousands of items I can open the folder, look at the picture and remember what the sam hill that item looks like without having to put it on? It would make my SL a whole bunch easier.

Another thing? Why for the love of little baby birds do you make stuff that isn't transferable also no copy? In what world does this make sense? I learned how to make outfits - more on this on another post - and I keep finding stuff in weird places because it was no copy. Now I have to keep remembering what not to include in the outfit. It's annoying!

This has been your grumpified post for the morning. Now I am donning my great hunter outfit so I can stalk some coffee. More later.
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