Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baubles Bangles and Beads

This is a follow up to my previous post, Tale of a Tank

My first choice, and the very first thing I thought of that I wanted to wear with Canimal's Helena skirt and Popfuzz's tanks was the Hooptastic earrings by [Woo's]. After a good bit of deliberation I decided on the Catty pack which contains a total of 25 pairs of earrings in a large selection of colors and two variations. Leopard is one of my favorite patterns and I make a point of buying nearly everything in leopard at some point.

I also wanted some solid color ones in a similar style and after a prolonged hunt I found the 18 pack of hoop earrings at Diamond Depot. You get gold, platinum and color change in three sizes in the pack. The colors are changed with a hud attachment making it a no fuss and no muss method of color changing in my opinion since there's on command to remember. Click the picture above for a larger view.

I also got the opportunity to speak with Wednesday Soon at [Woo's] and suggested the solid color hoops to her. She said that sounded like a good idea and that she was thinking of other patterns as well. Expect more great earrings from her at any time!

Next, I wanted a necklace and bracelets that might match my outfits with a similar lack of fuss and the same easy versatility. I searched but didn't really come up with what I was looking for until I started poking around in my own inventory. The simple string of beads I'm wearing is called Jot, and I'm not entirely sure it's still available. It's from Nyte N Day, another of my very favorite stores and the colors change with a simple chat command. The Jot set also contains a bracelet so that's what I'm wearing in most of these pictures. I tried other bracelets for the second wrist but then dug up a bracelet by Digital Dragon Designs in silver with a color change detail - again with a simple chat command.

I felt that this ensemble was nearly complete!

I'm wearing the Pump Classics in all pictures by Minx Shoe Designs with the Gothic 1 socks with the Gothic 2 lace cuffs from Freak Boutique. If you like frilly socks, frilly tights or even just the schoolgirl look you have to take a look at Freak Boutique and as far as I'm concerned Minx Shoe Designs has some of the sexiest shoes I've found in Second Life!

In the Pink photo, I'm wearing the Debutante hair by Celestial Studios. It's a shorter style with a color change hair bow which seemed like a no brainer in this post. :) I'm also wearing the TaP Vivant Sultry 2 in Buff.

In the Blue photo I'm wearing the Carlisle style by Bewitched Hair. It's a newer style, as are the other two shown and I like the wisps around the face and the fact that it's pulled back so that the earrings I'm wearing can show. With it,I'm wearing the TaP Vivant PinUp 2 in Buff

In the Orange photo, I'm wearing another Bewitched Hair style. It's called Aphrodite and I really feel ooh la la when I wear it. The skin is TaP Vivant Glam 2 in Buff.

In the Olive photo, I'm wearing Hilary. It too is a Bewitched Hair style. To be honest, Bewitched Hair has been one of my favorites almost since my Rez Day. I believe I'm wearing Sultry 1 from Tap Vivant in Buff. And that's the skin I'm wearing in all of these pictures on this entry.

Bewitched Hair


Whatsername said...

ohhh...i like those other hoops a lot too!

i am going to buy that entire canimal emo pack one of these days..gotta have it!

-Wednesday Soon

Delilah Karas - Style Schmyle said...

It's a gorgeous set, the skirts attracted me right away but the whole set is lovely. I'm yearning after the coat, myself.

*smiles* They were nice, yep. Thanks for stopping by!