Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bitch Bitch Bitch...

So, let me preface this little rant with the fact that I'm going on no sleep, lots of stress and some rl stuff that makes me want to do various things involving sporks to the eyes of some idiots it is my misfortune to know.

In all fairness, I have a very slender avatar. Very slender. She also has a bust and a booty and a touch of muscle here and there but nevertheless slender. Probably one of the more slender out there, especially since I made her taller after I met my partner so that we could couples dance etc without being so terribly mismatched. I've toyed with my sliders and the only shape I like is that one...go figure.

Prim skirts are both the delight and the bane of my existence. I hold a special place in my heart for designers who either a) include more than one size of prim skirt in the box - bless you or b) your skirt just actually fits me without too much tweaking - hallelujah!.

In preparing a couple of posts for this blog I had to come to the conclusion that there is a mysterious designer shape floating around about which I know nothing. It's a shape passed from one designer to the other, at least insofar as avatar hips and behind are concerned. Gimme, alright?!!!! I need the mysterious and magical hip slider numbers so my skirts will fit, aiight? Please Please Please? Failing that, could you please put more than one size of skirt in the box? Please?

And while I'm on the subject of stuff I wish designers would do? (or not do) Please, you have to have a picture to slap on the vendor or box right? Would it kill you to put the picture in the box so that when I'm scrolling through thousands of items I can open the folder, look at the picture and remember what the sam hill that item looks like without having to put it on? It would make my SL a whole bunch easier.

Another thing? Why for the love of little baby birds do you make stuff that isn't transferable also no copy? In what world does this make sense? I learned how to make outfits - more on this on another post - and I keep finding stuff in weird places because it was no copy. Now I have to keep remembering what not to include in the outfit. It's annoying!

This has been your grumpified post for the morning. Now I am donning my great hunter outfit so I can stalk some coffee. More later.


Ben Vanguard said...

I agree totally with you, especially with the "more than one size" in the box, and yes, oh yes, I wish also to have a picture in the box!
Great blog!:)

Delilah Karas - Style Schmyle said...

Heya Ben! Wow, thanks for stopping by!

I'm embarrassed a little by starting out my blog with a rant but those two things really do make things more difficult!


sachi Vixen said...

If you buy anything in store I'd be happy to give you my hip width numbers if that helps with the skirts. Lovely blog, I'm honoured you watch my site!

Delilah Karas - Style Schmyle said...

Hey Sachi, thanks for visiting. I love your offer and will definitely take you up on it if I have any trouble. I have a couple dresses from your Summer Sale but have not worn them as yet.