Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Policies and Addendums

This post was edited on December 08, 2007

#1 I do not retouch my snapshots other than to crop them out of the background from my studio and placing them as necessary on a composite background. There are no filters, sharpening or other photoshop magic being applied to these other than stated. These look pretty much as they would in world if you saw me wearing them.

#2 All photos are taken by me and edited as posted in #1 by me. Nobody else is fiddling with them.

#3 I use poses by Maitreya, Long Awkward Pose, TorridWear and a few others. I'll add the slurls when I get the chance.

#4 So far, since this is a new blog and all - everything I've reviewed has been something I purchased. I do have one item on a forthcoming post that was given to me and I will notate that in the post.

#5 Regarding Review Copies - After having this blog a while and in an effort to perhaps be more current with my posts, I have decided to start soliciting Review Copies of items. If I ask for any item, I will do my very best to see that item posted in a timely manner. For me a timely manner will be within a week as I am trying to go to a twice weekly format of posts. If you give me a review copy unsolicited, I will try to see that item posted asap, but cannot promise to post it within a week and it may or may not be part of a Quick Change. Please understand my time constraints :/.

#6 My rl is very busy right now so I'll probably be posting no more than twice a week - depending on events.

#7 I have a home base now both for building purposes and studio housing but also simply to meet and greet visitors. Please feel free to im!

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