Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tale of a Tank

It all started, as so many things do with a really great skirt. It's the Helena skirt, perhaps better known as one of the skirts in the Emo Collection at Canimal. As you can see, it's basic black with a piped edging in a variety of colors. It also features a wonderful waistband and two button detail. I bought the fat pack because not only does it have a scrumptious texture and a nice lower rise fit but the variety of colors is fabulous. Immediately after buying the pack however, I hit a snag. It's a small snag but one that quickly grew to large proportions in my mind.

Let me explain.

I wear an oil layer. I don't approve of oil in the skin because usually that involves a face that looks like it ought ot be zit city and the oil is just too oily. Blech. I have found that NyokoWear's light oil is perfect to give a nice sheen to the skin without looking like I'm in desperate need of a scrub down with strong soap. I also have the regular version for swimsuits and a third one for tan lines. So, assuming I'm wearing the oil on the underwear layer as I usually do (and Nyoko kindly supplies the oil on every layer) that leaves the shirt layer for any tattoos I may want to include. I have a large and ever growing collection of tattoos and I truly enjoy wearing them.

That means that unless I want to go topless, I need my top on the jacket layer. I did find some at various places, including Escape, TorridWear and Second Wave Apparel. Despite the fact that I liked all of these choices, none of them were quite what I had in mind. Ditto the tops that Canimal made to go with the skirts, which are wonderful but not plain. In desperation, I called out to a group that I'm in called Fashion Emergency. In response to my plea, many suggestions were made - but best of all, a designer named Popfuzz Bamboo instant messaged me. "I can put some tanks on the jacket layer for you," she said. The picture of the tank she dropped on me was perfect in every detail and while I waited, she let me select the colors I wanted - even made one new color so that I could have tanks on the jacket layer to match my new skirts. The results speak for themselves. In each box at Popfuzz, you get the tank in all three top layers.

Click Here for Largest Possible View

As you can see, the tank is short, as it would be on the shirt layer, allowing a little glimpse of tummy and not interfering with the waistband of the skirt. The straps are very thin and the back of the tank drops a bit so that a back tattoo will still show ...and as I discovered, you can wear a low back tattoo with this outfit as well. Incidentally that's one of the back tattoos that Popfuzz will soon have available for purchase that I'm wearing in this shot, demonstrating the small straps as I mentioned. :)

Click here for largest possible size view.

The Helena skirt comes in a total of 7 colors and Popfuzz has an entire wall of tanks in every conceivable shade. She even made the orange one to match the skirt so all colors are available if you're a diva like me who has to make things difficult for yourself and everyone else.

Click here for largest possible view.

I also went on something of a quest for accessories while preparing for this post so see my very next post regarding the earrings, bracelets and necklaces not to mention hair, skin and shoes that I'm wearing in these pictures. This one got too long to include all of that too!

Click here for largest possible view.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Note: I did edit these slightly by removing them from the white background against which they were taken and putting them on a textured background and creating a composite image. I finally got out my Glam Studio that I purchased months ago. Woot! Poses were either those already in the studio or by makers previously mentioned in my Policies post.

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