Saturday, August 18, 2007

....To Begin With

Why, you may be asking yourself, am I doing this blog? I have another blog which is basically gathering dust and I surely don't really need a second one. Well, need, no.

Want, oh yes.

I see a lot of people posting very helpful and interesting and entertaining things on their fashion blogs and it looks like fun. I wanna play too!

So, I'm gonna. This is going to be about what I like, about what I buy and play with and learn along the way.

My budget is fairly slim so a lot of my posts may be on things other people have posted about. It may be some mixes and matches or how I discovered the wonders of the Make an Outfit feature - or the pitfalls.

It'll be about fashion done the Delilah way. It may not be haute couture...but it's me. I hope some of you out there in blogging land will enjoy and read and maybe find something fun you wanna explore.

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