Monday, September 3, 2007

Hello, I'm Delilah

I just noticed to my immense pleasure that this blog has been included on the Fashion Planet feed. Woot!!! Thank you Tao!

I've made posts previously about why I started a fashion blog, and also what my policies are regarding having this blog. You can read those to get some idea about what this blog is about.

I've tried to explain a bit who I am in my blogger profile but in a nutshell; what I've discovered is that Second Life offers a real opportunity to literally be and express whatever mood a player may be in on a given day. I enjoy that very much and I'm learning and exploring every day, both the world of SL and about myself. I think that clothes and skin and hair are wonderful tools for that expression.

I'm not here to talk about what anyone should wear, or how to be a great fashion maven, or how to copy the latest runway looks. I'm here to show you what I'm wearing, and to talk about why and perhaps share something you haven't seen, along with hopefully being both interesting and entertaining.

Look for a new post from me sometime today about shoes and boots, and thanks for stopping by or for reading this post.

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