Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quick Changes - Retrology

Here's a new Quick Changes post, which grew partially out of a visit to the Retrology Sim. I and a gaggle of my girlfriends visited the other night and I do suggest that you make a trip there sometime soon just for fun. I have recently been greatly enamored of /artilleri/ clothing and the skirt and top I'm wearing here both come from there. Since I think the skirt and jewelry are only to be found on the Retrology sim, I'm giving both /artilleri/ locations.

I started with two items I really love. The first is Hannah, the highwaisted skirt. The fun part about this skirt is that the waist portion is on the jacket layer, allowing for you to tuck a variety of blouses into it. It also has a flexi section that suits me very well. I paired the skirt with another great item, the Beatrix blouse in pink. You get prim cuffs and a prim collar, as well as the shirt on two separate clothing layers. I was delighted to find that there's also two attachment points provided for the collar so that you can still wear a necklace with this blouse. Please notice the button details on both the skirt and blouse which line up perfectly.

Next I added the glitter love earrings in pink and the lucky heart necklace, also from /artilleri/ and thought I had this outfit pretty much complete.

I recently lost most of my jewelry, all of the jewelry that I had sorted into a folder is just gone, but Bonita Popinjay of Bonita's Jewelry was kind enough to replace the few items I had purchased from her. The double wrap pearl bracelet, therefore, was something I could easily reach for and went well with the rest of the outfit. I also had the bangles found in the random freebie box from Sh*t Happens and the first set happens to be black and pink. Perfect :)

I already had decided on the Pin-Up Vivant skin from Tete A Pied, in Buff, and chose the 2nd make up to match the pinky tones in the blouse and jewelry. I love the sort of kitten eye make up on this skin that suits the retro look I was building. I recently received the Amy hair Everything Pack from Bewitched Hair as a gift from a friend and chose the latte shade to wear with this outfit. It reminds me a bit of Amy Winehouse and I love that retro feel she seems to embody.

That only left shoes and though I have shoes from many many great designers, I couldn't decide on a pair to go with the outfit. Enktan Gully of enkythings shoes solved that problem for me when he dropped the entire Redo Collection on me this morning. I chose the Yuja II shoes in Pink for this outfit because I liked the echo of black bottom and pink top that seemed to match my ensemble and there was something a little vintage about the style itself. These shoes along with several others are reworkings of original enkythings shoes.

Enktan offers some information that readers may be interested in:

Customers that bought one or more pair of the old collection can get these newer versions for free.
(If they bought them at a reduced price during the sales period, they can get the new versions for L$100, Kaseyo II for L$70)
Customers with transferable enkythings shoes will need to exchange them, but customers with copyable enkythings Shoes - most of you - can receive the newer versions and keep their older ones.
Therefor I will be at their service in the enkythings Shoes store every day between the following hours:

2 - 3 AM
8 - 9 AM
2 - 3 PM

This offer last until september 30.

Shopping Bag:
Hanna High Waist Skirt - 120L
Beatrix blouse in pink - 100L
Glitter Love Earrings (Pink) 7 pack for $150L
Lucky Heart Necklace - 110L
Bewitched Hair - Amy - 195L per color pack
Enkythings - Yuja II Pink - 250L
Bonita's Jewelry - 150L - Double Wrap pearl bracelet
Bangle Set One - Random Freebies Box - 1L
Tete A Pied - Vivant Collection - Pinup 2 - Buff - 500L each or 1200L per 3 pack.

Click the pics above for a larger view.

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