Monday, October 8, 2007

Maia and The Booties

This is the story of another cute little pair of shoes, or rather booties that were dropped on me by Megg Demina of Chapeau Tres Mignon. It's taken me some time to decide on just how I wanted to present them and I'm pretty sure almost everything in this post has been blogged before though not, I think, together.

I think it's no secret, by now, that I love shoes and that I can and will take the time to feature a pair I like. That's the case with these booties. From the slender heels to the gold laces to the eyelets to the fur cuffs, there is nothing about these little beauties that I don't love. In fact, I was so enthused, and also so happily shocked and surprised to receive review copies that I instant messaged Megg to tell her how awesome I thought they were.


I had just one problem. My scary 23K plus inventory did not yield to me, at first, the right combination of items I thought would best flatter and reveal the virtues of Megg's creations whilst balancing them with an equal measure of style.

Problem 1 - I couldn't, no I just couldn't, cover all the details of the booties with pants, prim cuffs or long skirts. Ideally the accompaniment would be a short skirt of some variety.

Problem 2 - By and large, I am not a fan of yellow. It's just, one of those things, yellow and I are not comfortable companions. Psst, Megg, some red laces and soles or some purple ones would be fabulous.

I ruffled back and forth through my inventory like a storm. Boas, shawls, skirts, and sundry other items were tossed wildly about. Inspiration hit when I realized that one of the few items in my inventory of the appropriate yellow hue was the wonderful Decadence Maia outfit from Bare Rose. I sometimes have thought that this outfit has way more panache than I do because I've put it on several times, gazed at it in longing, and then put on something else. Its detailed skirt, cuffs and bodice not to mention the sleek shiny texture simply overwhelm me.

Now, however was the time; I saw that the colors seemed wonderfully well matched and that Maia and the Booties seemed to be getting along with courteous savoir faire.

Bigger Biggest

New problem, though. I thought my legs looked too pale between Maia's glamorous sheen and the mink-like softness of the booties' cuffs but I wanted something a tad more sheer than the tights that come with Maia. After a rummage through a series of great little boutiques to find the right accoutrement, I finally settled on these great "Pantyhose" in Ebony from 1-800-Betties. Not only do these babies really go all the way up and come on all lower layers, the silky seam up the back of the leg added what I felt was just the right touch.

Arrgh! But now I thought that my neck was also too bare within the sculpted shoulder skimming curve of Maia's neckline. A quick plea for advice yielded several suggestions and I finally chose the River Rock Necklace and Black Pearl Drop Earrings set from Paper Couture to fill in the curve and pull black up from feet to head. I also liked the way that this particular necklace features a rounded silver accent piece that I felt matched well with the silver cuff and skirt and belt fittings.

I knew immediately I wanted to wear Pompadour from Zero Style with this ensemble and any other accessories would have been gilding the lily though I thought very hard about the Lagerfeld headband, also from Chapeau Tres Mignon.

Oh, and Maia and The Booties and I lived happily ever after. The End.


Shopping Bag:

Chapeau Tres Mignon - Fur Booties - $300L
Bare Rose - Decadence Maia - pack of four colors - $135L
1-800-Betties - Ebony Pantyhose - $60L
Paper couture - River Rock Necklace with Pearl Drop Earrings (set) $250L
Zero Style - Pompadour - Black - $150L

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Anonymous said...

Delilah, I don't know what you have against yellow - it looks amazing on you. Wear it with pride.

Great post, as always - we are in your fashion debt, oh style guru!