Monday, October 1, 2007

Quick Changes - Sweater Time

It's me again.

I apologize both to those kind enough to share review copies with me and to my readers (all ten of you ;) for not posting in a while. It's easy to make excuses. Point is, some stuff happened that impacted both real life and second life. It's taken me a while to get on my feet again and I'm still not sure I'm there yet.

I'd also like to take this time to thank everyone who was involved with the New Shoots Fashion Show that took place this past weekend, especially Alaska Metropolitan, and our two featured designers, Myllie Writer of Persona and Annah Whitfield of AnnaH Couture. I learned a lot and had a great time and can't wait to do more of the same :) In addition, giving a shout out to all my fellow Metro Models, many of whom were far more experienced than I and were kind and patient with a newb model like moi!

I know some others have blogged the actual show, so gonna leave that to them!



Moving on. This is an outfit I named Sweatertime, lol. It's another Quick Change and was spurred in part by a pair of shoes! Tesla Miles of Tesla has been coming out with some wonderful sculptie shoes and she was kind enough to share with me her new Leather Vixens. I honestly think this is one of the best forays into sculptie shoes I've seen. Something about the shape of them, just appeals to me.

I worked from the feet up on this one, ya'll. I think I'm betraying my age here because the first thing I thought of was legwarmers. These are by Lulu at Celestial Studios and they come in a pack of six. They are both tintable and copiable too, so if you have a color that's not quite right, you can change it. The texture is very cosy and warm, as well.

I didn't want to wear pants because sometimes that covers your shoes and that wasn't gonna work for me. I hunted around in my inventory and found this gorgeous skirt, simply called Black Net Skirt. If you look at the detail photo you can see that the texture is really nice on this and the fit, for me at least, was fairly simple. The bad news is that when I tried to hunt this skirt down for price and slurl information, I couldn't find it. I did find some outlets (including the now extinct location I bought it from) but the skirt itself was nowhere to be found. I did see, among the hail of Fashion Consolidated notices, one from Overdose so perhaps she's finished moving inventory etc. I'll cross my fingers because I love this skirt.

At this point, I knew right away what I wanted to wear. This is one of the new Tango collection sweaters from D E Designs. It's called a Cowl Neck but to me it looks a bit more like a fold over ribbed collar. In either case, the texture is marvelous and the price is definitely right. I thought the color was perfect but felt that the waist could use a little help since the sweater is jacket layer only, with gloves to extend the sleeves.

Bigger Biggest

I've had trouble finding prim belts that I like, can afford, and that fit me fairly well. I lucked out on this belt, which I bought during one of Digit Darke's wonderful half price sales. It's called the Darlin'Belt by Synthetic Dreams & X3D. I couldn't fit the detail on the composite but it has cute little things on the back of the belt and of course, the huge buckle in front. I chose the black and silver but I believe it comes in a couple colors and buckle metals.

My other accessories are the neck scarf from the Hallow outfit from Vitamin-Ci. Please note, although the scarf is modifiable it is not copiable. In this case I retextured mine, but it comes in colors to match the outfits which are great to begin with. I was willing to risk changing the texture and losing the original texture but you might not fair warning!

That left me with needing only earrings to feel this outfit was complete so I put on the earrings from the Rosalyn necklace and earrings set from Illusions. They come in about 5 different metal choices and I bought the fatpack during the Expo. These are in tarnished to bring out more black.

My hair is the River style from Maitreya in Platinum and my skin is the Minnu Models - Skingloss - Tan - Colors skin. Both of these are wonderful, imho. The hair comes with built in GLOW in two sizes per pack (or a fat pack) and the skins are sold as either singles or a fatpack.


Shopping Bag:

Tesla Leather Vixen - 1pair for $349L or the fatpack of 9 for $1999L
Celestial City - Lulu - Legwarmers - 6pack for $200L
1-800-Betties - Ebony Pantyhose - 1pr - 60L
Overdose - Black Net Skirt - Pricing unknown, poss unavailable.
Synethetic Dreams & X3D - Darlin' Belt in Black and Silver - 200L
D E Designs - Cowl Neck Sweater - 1 for $125L or 3pack for $250L
Illusions - Rosalyn Necklace and Earring Set - 1 choice of metal for $125L, fatpack of 5 metals - $315L
Vitamin-Ci - Hallow Dress set - 1 for 225L or 3pack for 300L
Maitreya - River hair in Platinum Glow - color family pack (i.e. blondes, blacks, etc) $150L or fatpack of 6 color packs for $600L
Minnu Model Skins - $1150 each or fatpack which vary by number of skins per pack.Some skintones have, I believe, more than others.


Tenshi said...

That outfit is really bang-up excellent, but I think the legwarmers really murder it. Maybe some slick boots instead?

Delilah Karas - Style Schmyle said...

Hey Tenshi, thanks much for the feedback. I probably should have left them off, lol, but I liked them. I dunno, maybe some tights, because I wanted to show off the shoes. Ah well, maybe someone out there likes them also.

But yay, I'm glad you liked the outfit otherwise.

Ana Lutetia said...

I like B&W combinations and I'd go for some boots and leggings. I am in love with leggings these days... ;)

Great outfit, Delilah!!

I am going after the earrings and the scarf!