Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quick Changes - Purple Royale

Today's outfit is deceptively simple, yet the sum of its parts - in my opinion at least - is wonderful!

Bigger ..... Biggest

As I mentioned way back in the beginning of my blog, I think that Sexy in Pink offers good value and good quality for the money. Recently they had a 50 percent off sale and I'm sure you can guess who was front and center!

There were, however, some brand new items that were not on sale and when yours truly happened to remark that she had been shopping a long time at SIP and in fact that theirs was one of the first items she had blogged, one of the partnership behind Sexy In Pink offered me a deal. If I would buy one item, he'd give me the companion pack as a review item. Of course I went for it and one of those pieces in the companion pack starts off this outfit.

It's called the Romance sweater and it is very romantic with its ruffled edge and pretty prim bow not to mention the flowing prim sleeves as well as the rich color. The basic pack also comes with a lace cami, two pair of jeans and a pair of shoes. The companion pack offers several color choices of the sweater with prim sleeves and prim bows for each color. I had to do minimal adjustment on the prims to my everlasting gratitude. :)

Bigger ..... Biggest

Some colors call for a very rich make up in order to "compete" so to speak so what you see here is the the "Colors' Make up in Tan Skingloss for Minnu Model Skins. I went with a hair that is quite unlike my usual choices - the Aveda Short Crop 3 in Noir from ETD. I love the slanted bangs and the small dangling pieces on each side that seem to elongate the whole hairstyle.

I'm wearing the Pave Heart and Wings Hoop Earrings from Miam Miam and felt that with the sleeves and prim bow that was more than enough jewelry for this ensemble. These earrings are also texture change with a choice of four metals.

Even though this outfit does come with jeans as I said above, I wanted to mix things up a bit more so I'm wearing the Winged Patch Jeans from Digit Darkes. These jeans also have studs around the waist and down each leg for added interest and to pick up the gold in the earrings - or vice versa. I should mention that I checked on the availability of these jeans as I always do when posting an item here and as of right now they are not in the store. However, they will be within a day or two so please keep that in mind!

I finished things off with the Sassy shoes from Maitreya in Mixed Violet. I'm wearing them here without the prim ties because of the jeans and I think they look cute, comfortable but still stylish.

I hope you'll agree.

~~~~~Shopping Bag and Info~~~~~~~
Minnu Model Skins - Skingloss - Colors 1150L per each or available in fatpacks depending on number of skins per pack (some skintones have more than others)
ETD for Aveda - Short Crop 3 Noir - 100L
Sexy In Pink Romance Extension Pack - fatpack for 175L
Digit Darkes - Winged Patch Jeans - 200L available soonish
Maitreya - Sassy Mixed Violet - 300L or fatpacks of 5 for 1100L
Miam Miam - Pave Heart and Wings Earrings - 95L

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Anonymous said...

You look great sweetie. Can see now why purple is your favorite color!