Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quick Changes - Roses In Winter

The name of this outfit, on first glance seems to have nothing much to do with Roses. It is definitely a winter outfit, however. :) The combination shown here first started when Lissa Maartens of Cattiva e Cattivo happened to drop some review copies on me. I took a look through her items and was especially impressed by the Peekaboo Corsette and panties set that she'd given me, in Red Lotus. The embroidered look of the texture is just amazing.

Since I don't usually show lingerie by itself, I wanted to put these lovely items in an outfit somehow.

As luck would have it, I had just purchased these richly textured jeans from Pixel Dolls. These are the Luxe jeans and they come on both the underpants and pants layers for mixing and matching. I felt they looked great with the corsette and kept going from there. These come with prim pants legs but as you'll see, I left those off this time.

I've been wanting to feature these ankle boots from Zhao Shoes for a while, ever since Melanie Zhao shared them with me, and this was a great opportunity. These boots are cuffed and beautifully textured with a little z on the heel. They come with a hud that controls walk sounds and volume.

Bigger ..... Biggest

Because I wanted to bulk up my leg between the boot and my pants, I added the scrunched socks that go with the Bootilicious sets from Maitreya - here in the black and gray tone. Mine are stretched a little taller so that they almost look more like legwarmers but they are the socks.

Since it is winter, I wanted to put something over the corsette. There's something extra sexy in my opinion about taking off a winter coat and having a little sensuous something on underneath. Fortunately, Truth has come out with the beautiful Gypsy coat in a luxurious cherry color as well as other tones. I thought it looked lovely with the rest of the outfit and that's what you see here.

I am aware btw, that the metals and leathers between the coat and the corsette are not the same and I went ahead with the mix because the colors blended so well. ;)

The coat also comes with a hood, prim cuffs and prim belt - the hood is not shown.

Bigger ..... Biggest

To finish things up, I'm wearing the pearl choker and earrings set from Paper Couture that was only available during the Jewelry Expo. It's not sold any longer and I'm sorry about that.

My hair is the Allure hair in Black Pearl from Naughty Designs and my skin is Pandora in Oyster from Adam n Eve.

~~~Shopping Bag and Info ~~~
Skin - Pandora - Oyster - Adam n Eve 4000L for a set of six coordinating make ups plus lashes, manicures, pedicures and facelight.
Hair - Allure - Black Pearl - Naughty Designs 300L per color family or 2000L for all colors
Coat - Gypsy Coat - Cherry - Truth - 225L
Jeans - Luxe Jeans - Crimson - Pixel Dolls - 250L
Boots - Fortunate - Black - Zhao Shoes - 400L including hud to control choice of walk sounds and volume.
Socks - Bootilicious boots and socks set - Red Suede (socks black/gray) - 225L per set or 1500 for 10 pr boots and 30pr socks.
Corsette - Peek-a-boo Corsette - Red Lotus - Cattiva e Cattivo - 100L or 7 colors for 650L


As mentioned the corsette set is a review item. So are the ankle boots. The skin is one I frequently wear as part of my work with Adam n Eve. All items are ones I like on their own and would have purchased at some point.

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kristianne matfield said...

*laughs at your metals comment*

Nice outfit! I love the choker!