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Review of the Week! - Digit Darkes Couture, Diversity Hair and More!

Just a note before I begin, even though my blog is now coded so that there's a before and after the jump, I noticed that my last post didn't show up that way on the feed. I apologize if you get the whole post on the feed instead of a portion as intended. I'll keep working on it.

In the meantime, I have two gorgeous outfits from Digit Darkes to show you today, along with a hair from Diversity Hair and jewelry from Elexor Matador Jewelry.

Here's a peek at the items I'll be reviewing:

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All items were requested and received as review copies except for the jewelry from EMJ.

I'll start with the outfit on the left which features the Dictator Shrug in Sunflower, the Dahlia top in Midnight and the Digital pant in Electric along with the Elphaba (No Bow) shoes, all by Digit Darkes Couture. I'm also wearing the Thalia hair from Diversity Hair in Seashell, my new favorite blond shade. Please see the end of my review for notations on skin, jewelry, etc.

I am completely in love with this shrug and this shade. In general I am not big on yellow but this color might as well have sung a siren song when I saw it. There was something so rich and glowing about it and the satin look of the fabric in this shrug is just scrumptious. It looks touchable. Best of all, I didn't have to do one moment's prim adjustment on this which I hate to do. The Sunflower color is sure to brighten any day or night but just in case, it also comes in six other lovely eye pleasing colors and is on the jacket layer for mixing and matching with whatever else is in your wardrobe.

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I chose the Digital pants in Electric to go with the shrug and the first thing I noticed aside from the perfect match between the yellow shade of the shrug above and the yellow shade in the plaid of the pants - was how very carefully these pants are finished. The seam at the waistband comes to a perfect crisp stop against my hips and the hems are equally well finished. This lovely finishing also includes the prim pant legs that are included and I found that these attachments fit very well and merged into the body of the pants nicely. There's some playfully detailing on the back hip area and no, the seams do not match. However, I've rarely seen RL plaids like this match either and the beautiful look of these pants is simply too svelte and bright to pass up! I appreciate the careful finishing touches very much in my clothes. I believe this is the only pattern for this pant at this time and that makes it all the more necessary to snatch it up. You can mix it with so many things because of the plaid fabric - and this is a plaid with panache! And finally for the boot lovers among us, including myself, these pants come on the underwear layer for smooth tucking into those favorite boots.

I needed something to go under the shrug - though I suppose the daring could get away with less than a full shirt, but since I was feeling very glamorous at this point - I chose the Dahlia top in Midnight to go under the shrug. Of all the items I've mentioned thus far, I really feel this top is above and beyond in terms of quality. In the first place, the sequined texture is simply mind-boggling. I stared and stared at it, because I've seen many sequined textures in sl and this is truly stunning. Once I could tear my eyes away from the sparkling look of the bodice, I took a very close look at the soft netting that makes up the neck of the Dahlia top and to my amazement, it looks very much like a similar fabric would look IRL. In the back there's a slight creasing as if from tension during wear and the fabric looks as if it is pressed closer to the skin in places. The top also is finished beautifully so that it appears to fit snugly but not too tightly around the neck.

I truly like the style of this top and again it comes in six other delicious colors for maximum mixing and matching. Not only that, but it comes on every possible clothing layer to aid in the aforementioned mixing and matching. I'm wearing the Elphaba No Bow pumps to finish off the outfit and like all of Digit Darkes shoes these are not to be missed.

My second outfit, in some ways, springs from the first. In general, I've been a silver or platinum or white gold girl over yellow gold but recently my tastes have turned and these pants might as well have had my name written on them the way I was magnetized to them ;). The gold color is buttery and soft. I didn't ask what they are meant to be made out of though I believe an argument could be made for satin or very fine leather. In either case, they are simply wonderful. They are very smooth in texture with the beautiful finishing I mentioned above and gorgeous embellishment on both the hip and the pant legs with the Digit Darkes double D logo on the rear and more of these glittering decorations can be found there also.. There are faint stress lines on the thighs as you would see in certain fabrics but these only serve to emphasize the otherwise "like butta" smoothness of the pant. These pants do not come with prim cuffs but they do come on the underwear layer as well as the pants layer and in 11 other must-have shades.

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I'm again wearing the Dahlia top in Midnight with the Diversity pants because I think the Dahlia top really helps to bring out the embellishment on the pants. In both outfits I tried to capture images that would show some of the beautiful work I've been talking about. You can also see some of the details I mentioned on the Dahlia top in the pictures above. See more images below!

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In these photos please also take note of the beautiful Thalia hair I'm wearing throughout. Not only is the texture really special, in my opinion, but I think the hairstyle itself is wonderful. I've tried many braids in SL and this is the first one that didn't go through my body in some crazy way and that seemed believable both rear and behind. It also features color change on touch hair bands and you can see I tinted mine to match my clothes!

Here's even more images, hopefully to show you the details on the hair and shoes that I'm wearing!

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Hmm, in looking over this I realized I used some images more than once, but it only serves to emphasize how beautiful I think these items are. I personally cannot wait to see more from both Digit Darkes and Diversity Hair. :)

~*~*~*~Shopping Bag and Info ~*~*~*~
Skin - Gala Skin (from Empyrean Emporium) - Sun Kissed - Psuedorange - On Sale right now for 500L each or 3000L for a pack of six.
Hair - Diversity Hair - Thalia - Seashell - 175L per color pack, 300L per color family pack or 1000L per mega pack.
Eyes - Nevermore Studios - Prismatic Natural Eye #25 (I think) 25L
All Clothing Items - Including Shoes - Digit Darkes Couture
Dictator Shrug - 200L
Dahlia Top - 150L
Diversity Pant - 250L
Digital Pant - 250L
Elphaba No Bow Heel - 400L
Jewelry - Elexor Matador Jewelry
Choker and Bracelet - Onyx and Diamond Set - 225L
Earrings - part of the new Royal Diamond Set - 325L

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Sasy Scarborough said...

YELLOW RUUUULES IT !! Not only do you look fabulous but for me being in a compltely different season, all these incredible bright colours just go with the summer sunshine here, so its love love love, I am biased I work for both stores but even if I didnt I would be all over those items because they rock a doodle doo lol *flicks my braid over my shoulder to make a point*

xoxox Sasy xoxo