Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tagination, Random News and an Informal Poll

I, like some other denizens of Fashion Planet was feeling a tad left out of the fun and was unable to decide if I was just being immature over that feeling or not. However, Sasy Scarborough put me out of my quandary by tagging me.

So here goes.

*****Random Facts*****

The rules are basicly to put down 8 random facts about yourself on your blog with the rules and then tag eight more folks.

I've read almost everyone's random facts and love seeing them, so I'm delighted to join the fun.

1) When I was a little girl, I had a cocker spaniel who was so gentle she allowed me to dress her up in doll clothes and drive her in the doll carriage. Her name was Taffy.

2) I have had three Near Death Experiences.

3) I am a voracious reader. I'll read virtually anything I can get my hands on but my favorite genres are mystery or fantasy usually with a mix of history or science fiction.

4) I can do all kinds of arts and crafts, *Except* anything that requires me to draw so much as a straight line.

5) My favorite meal is fried shrimp, home made cole slaw, potato wedges and hush puppies with lemon and cocktail sauce on the side served with a huge glass of sweetened ice tea and an apple crumble with ice cream for dessert and I can cook every bit of it myself ;)

6) I have Addison's Disease which is an auto immune condition where the antibodies mistakenly attack the adrenal glands until they are non-functional or destroyed. In my case they are destroyed. I have had it for half my life.

7) If I could speak to one celebrity for an hour, I'd probably pick Fred Astaire.

8) I'm really quite shy, though I know many people don't believe it. I have to work extra hard to say what I need to say or what I feel, especially in stress situations, because it's my inclination to simply not say anything. Often this makes me go a bit over the top as a kind of compensation.

I tag Kit Meredith, ChronoCloud Creegan, Kristianne Matfield, Kate Amdahl, Caliah Lyon and whomever else has not been tagged and would like to be. I'm terrible with names so not tagging you is no reflection on you but on me.


I'm moving this blog to as soon as I get it all set up because I'm frustrated with a few of the limitations on blogger. For now I'll simply put a composite here with a link to the new blog once it's set up and people can click through to the new location.

I'd also like to mention that I am slowly beginning to sell prefabs. Right now I have a small 20x10 tiki style house with tps, privacy windows and lockable phantom doors available for 200L and am almost finished with a winter old-fashioned home with blinking lights outside, privacy windows, lockable doors, built-in fireplace, balconies, stairway, etc. It's two stories and has a much larger footprint. The winter house will sell for 3500L. If you would like to see either of these homes or the projects I'm working on please contact me in world.


As aforementioned, I am really quite shy and am hesitant to begin requesting review copies which is one of the reasons why my blog remains mainly Quick Changes. I would appreciate some feedback from readers and designers on the issue of whether you'd like to see some current item reviews and whether designers are *Really* okay with being asked for review copies.

To anyone who answers this, thanks so much for taking the time!


Gillian Waldman said...

Hiya :) I just wanted to say two things 1) your answers made me hungry (damnit!!) and 2) I'm quite shy too.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

It makes my day when someone asks for a review copy! :D

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Oh yeah! Ask away for review copies. Although I am a cat, I do not bite. :)

PS: mmmmm your fav meal rocks the blocks.

-Kesseret Steeplechase
(I always have to put my name b/c Christine confuses)

Cattrina Careless said...

I love to be asked for a review copies - gives me warm and fuzzies :) Its almost better than ... hmm maybe not, but close!

Anonymous said...

Grrrrrr... Thanks hon, I owe you big time for this. My entry in the meme here.

Silliness aside, was very interesting to learn some new things about you. And I'll let you make that dinner for me anytime...

Kate said...

I don't know if I'll get the time to answer properly, hon, but I will if I can! I still have blog entries that have been cooking for some time that need out out out, not even counting things like the Seahorse races. :) Now all I need is unlimited time!

Your answers were *fascinating*.

^^^\ Kate /^^^

Tigerlily Koi said...

I really wish more people would ask for review copies. I hate dropping things on people who might not be at all interested.

Delilah Karas said...

Wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded here and to the Designers here - rest assured that I will be pestering you for review copies in the future. :)