Friday, September 14, 2007

In case anyone would like to know

Post Edited. Nothing to see on this one, sorry folks.
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Quick Changes - Feeling Fall

I'm trying something new out today. I'm going to call these posts Quick Changes. Images are clickable to larger sizes.

These are just outfits that I put on for a day or an hour or however long. I seem to change clothes a lot in SL, so hence the name.

I'm feeling the onset of Fall in my bones, even though it's still quite warm in my neck of the First Life woods. That mood pretty much started me off with this ensemble which I put together mainly by choosing complementary colors and items that had stuck steadfastly in my mind.

I'll start out by saying I am incredibly torn between a few skin makers right now; you're all killin' me with the goodies. I'm wearing the Minnu Model Skins in TanSkinGloss - Love make up in these pictures and I love it quite a lot.;)

The hair in these shots is by Cake, the Europa style in Black. I rarely wear styles shorter than bra strap length but this hair has completely seduced me. It just rocks.

My first Fall item I chose to wear was something I'd been wanting to wear for a few days. It's the Poppin' It top in bronze. Notice the cute little Savvy? mark on the bottom hem and the assymetric buttons in the back. This bronze color seems rich and yet not overbearing and that's what I wanted. It also looks warm but not too warm, suitable for the changeable weather this time of year.

I found that I didn't have too many brown or beige or chocolate items in my inventory which was a little surprising but I was happy I had purchased these great pants from ETD. They are an amazing bargain too for only $1L for 8 pairs.

Click for largest possible size.

Since my skintone was also tan, I was a little worried I was going too monochromatic and would begin to look like walking toast with hair. This was a golden opportunity, therefore, to pull out one of my new purchases. The Jungle belt from HoHo (listed as Hobo also in my inventory) added just the right touch and coordinated with the pink tone to my lipstick. The belts come in two sizes and mine took minimal adjusting to my everlasting gratitude. Hoho also carries other belts and bags and will be closing shortly so get your stuff before then. All items are on sale, but be aware that the store shares a location with two others.

I'd been looking for more opportunities to wear the Grace heels from Maitreya and this was a perfect match. These shoes were another item that seemed to step across the boundary between Summer and Fall with ease. All I had left to do was add some accessories and I reached, as I so often do, for something in leopard print. The bangle set from Earthtones fit the bill perfectly. I added another touch of pink with my nails to pick up the same shade in my lipstick and belt - the Lulu nailpolish in Hot Pink from Celestial Studios and finishing up with a long necklace, the Boho Necklace in Mixed Cherry Woods from Earthones.

I felt like a million bucks and my quick change was complete.

The Look:
Minnu Model Skin - TanSKinGloss - Love - $1150L
Europa Hair in black from Cake - $350L
Poppin' It Top in Bronze from Savvy? - $75L
Barley (or Barely) Pants Fat Pack from ETD - $1L
Grace Heels in brown from Maitreya - $250L
Leopard Bangle Set from Earthtones - $99L
Boho Necklace in Mixed Cherry Woods from Earthtones - $179L
Lulu Nails in HotPink by Celestial Studios - $100L for 3pack
Belt v2 in Jungle by HoHo - $50L

Poses used in this post are by Maitreya.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I wear boots all summer long ...and shoes!


I'm sorry I haven't been posting. First Life has been a bit hairy lately, not to mention that I decided I didn't like the first batch of pictures I took for this post. There was nothing really wrong with them, I was just too much of a perfectionist is all. I've recently been told that there may be a weird aspect ratio thing going on with my pictures. If you notice that please feel free to comment, but I can't see it on my machine.

I tried my best to make these pictures as identical as possible in terms of size and pose, but that wasn't always possible. Any differentiation is nothing more than me getting interrupted, having to leave and come back.

So, on to the shoes and boots. These are not especially new boots or shoes, though I think all of them are relatively new. Mainly though, these are just shoes and boots that I've purchased recently and truly enjoy. I hope you will too.


One of the things I love in SL is the fact that I can wear things that would either be out of my reach price wise in First Life, or that I can wear things that I might not have the courage to wear in First Life.

These boots are a prime example of both those things. I frankly love them. I love the sheen on the texture and the screaming high heel. I love the dangling bits on the thigh and well, I really enjoy them. Most of all I love the "in your face" sex appeal of these boots. ;)

The nitty gritty on these is that they are made by Minx Shoe Designs. Look for the Sultry Obsession display. Priced at $995L these are probably some of the most expensive boots you'll find in sl. I think they are worth every L.

Next up is something the manufacturer calls a shoe but to me looks sorta like a boot. Whichever they are, they are definitely full out sexy! These too are something I relish in Second Life because I might not be able to find or wear then in First. I love things that wrap and tie in some way, and the look of leather or ribbon wrapped around and around all the way up the thigh is a definite attraction for me.

I love the gleaming texture used and the dangerous needle sharp heel just makes it all better! Made by Devil Made Me Do It, these are priced at only $200L or get a fat pack of 12, including a snake and leopard print for $2000L. I think it's a steal at the price and these shoes/boots make me feel like prancing.

Changing things up here a bit are these great sculpty shoes, "Jane" by Tesla. I know these have been blogged a bit and in fact someone else's blog post is what sent me looking for them, but it doesn't hurt to give them a bit more exposure. I chose the leopard print since, as I've said before, I adore the leopard print and buy nearly everything in some version of it at some point.

These are lovely pumps with the added detail of an ankle strap. See my previous comments about things that tie or wrap. ;) The strap is modifiable in order to get that perfect fit and I think the pump shape is very well done. As a bonafide shoe fan, these shoes were a must have for me. The price was also very right, $349L each and they also come in colors or zebra print. There's a fat pack of 7 colors plus a bonus plaid for $1589, but this does not include the animal prints.

Moving on, I don't think I could possibly make a post about shoes without mentioning the Yelena platforms by Last Call. I find myself reaching for these shoes quite often, especially with a boho or casual look. I think the texture work is fabulous with the look of wood with that thread of gold running through it, especially on the stacked heel.

The straps are practically perfect and the jewel on the toe adds a touch of richness that I appreciate. I know that these too have been blogged before but I love these so much, I wanted to put in a little plug for them. These are priced at $250L which I think is a fantastic buy. :)

Last but certainly not least on this post are these realistic looking shoes from Zhao Shoes. Part of the recent release of new styles when Zhao Shoes moved into its new HQ, I can't help but feel these are some of the best engineered high heels I have put on. When I first put them on I couldn't help but exclaim about the fact that
there is none of that foot mangling that often happens with heels. You know what I mean, that thing where the visible part of your foot looks way too long and narrow, or the toes look bashed. You get none of that with these.

These are probably not the highest heels I've put on or own, but I have to say these are definitely one of the first I think of when someone asks me about a real looking shoe. Plus, who could resist the cute pattern texture? The style is called Betty and is priced at 350L.


I hope you've found something here that maybe you didn't know about or hadn't tried and that you've enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading. All pictures above are clickable for larger views and I apologize, I haven't yet figured out how to do some kind of cut for the length of the post. That will come soon.

I used poses by Old Gravy and Long Awkward Pose in this post. If you're looking for poses, give them a looksee.

Disclosure: I was given a pair of Betty in another color, but chose to review the pair I purchased this time round. All colors are awesome!
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Monday, September 10, 2007

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seen everywhere it seems

Also, apologies for tardiness in blogging. Lots of stuff happening and I'm a bit swamped.
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