Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fashion and Pricing

Okay, this has been percolating in my brain for a few days now and so, here goes.

In the first place, I have said many times and will reiterate here that I have tremendous respect for ALL SL Designers. I've tried making something as simple as a plain bra top and found it to be much more difficult than you might think and I wasn't trying to add prim attachments, shadows or any other little beauties to the top. Just a plain old top. So, I know it's a hella lot harder to do than most of us realize and I'm quite happy to hand over my Lindens for something beautiful. I'm happy to the tune of nearly 30K items just since June 07.

So, my commentary is not about having the money or not having the money. It's not about me saying to myself, I can do it better because believe me I know I can't.

And certainly as a budding builder, I recognize clearly the right of every content creator to set their own prices and to perhaps as they become more skilled RAISE their pricing to reflect that higher quality.

All that being said as a kind of disclaimer:

In the first place, without meaning to offend any of my fellow bloggers, reviewers, models, purchasers and so on, I think that a reality check is in order when we're talking about Haute Couture that exists ONLY as pixels, ONLY as textures on a mesh, ONLY as prims within a virtual world. It isn't earth shattering no matter how much we may think it is. Seriously now.

For that matter, I frequently think what is called Haute Couture in the real world is ludicrous too! And if I was the richest woman in America, I still wouldn't buy some of it. Sometimes buying something just for the sake of having it, in my case at least, is not enough.

Good for you if you happen to have a large disposable income to spend on whatever you please inworld or out. I'm sincerely happy for you!

I suspect that there are more people in Second Life with modest incomes than there are with higher ones, however. Yet, I find that lately, Second Life has begun to mirror Real Life in that money and expensive consumer goods is believed to convey some sort of special aura on the person lucky enough to have, own and afford them. It's becoming less about quality and more about the Name on the back pocket, less about beauty and more about the almighty Linden.

I look for value for my money and to be perfectly honest, I don't care if 20 people or 200 people or 2000 people own the same exact item as I do. We live in a world populated by millions of people, I certainly don't think I'm the only one to have discovered virtually anything here. If price is supposed to make something limited, why not just make it limited to begin with to the tune of only 500 copies or some such. Otherwise, in my opinion, it smacks a little too much of greed and elitism for my taste.

And let's be honest, sometimes price has nothing whatsoever to do with quality. It's just that the Designer, Maker, Content Creator can get people to buy their item for that price because it's new or it's the fashion or some other reason that has nothing to do with the work itself.

If I spend 1000L or over on an item you can bet it's one I genuinely love, will wear as many times as I can get away with and think is of the highest possible quality. It won't be because it's the fad or because someone else thinks I should or because it happens to come with a high price tag and therefore is exclusive. It'll be because I practically want to marry that item. Period.

And for that matter, that's what this blog is about. Things I like, enjoy and think someone else may enjoy too. It's not about what happens to be in fashion or what somebody else tells me is the latest thing. Everything that's the latest thing is already so five minutes ago, you know?

So, if you're a designer who is pricing their items at nearly 1000L or over, please be advised that I, at least, will not be purchasing said item unless I want to marry it.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Quick Changes - Brown Coats are Comin'

I'm trying a different format with this post, see what you think?

Bigger ..... Biggest


Bigger ..... Biggest

<~~~~~~Items and Where to Buy them~~~~~~~>

Skin - Adam n Eve - Pandora t2 - m2 - 1800L for set of 2 makeups both with or without pubics, matching manicures and pedicures, eyelashes and facelamp
Nails - Adam n Eve - Popcorn 100L for a set of 2 matching pedicures and manicures
Eyes - Miriel - Peacock - 50L or 125L for 4
Hair - Diversity Hair - Sydney - Seaside Sand - 175L or 300L or 1000L
Bra - Persona - Well Behaved Bra - Orange
Shirt - Persona - Sheer Buttoned Shirt - Orange 280L pack of four or 90L each including bra top
Pants - House of Zen - Leather Pants - Brown 250L
Shoes - Enkythings - Tagona II Dragon - Orange 250L
Jewelry - Illusions - Minerva - Copper $165L
Coat - Etch'd - Drifter - Roses - Brown 350L

<~~~~~~Reviews and observations ~~~~~~~>

I originally put this outfit together for an assignment over at Metropolitan Models but what with illness etc., didn't really get to submit the pictures. That means you get the benefit of all my nattering on instead. I should mention that I do work for Adam n Eve now, but that doesn't change the fact that I think that Pandora is genuinely one of the best skins available in Second Life right now. I also think it's one of the most underrated. I especially love the dewy, glowy look of the skin and the careful attention to details like feet, knees and collarbones, not to mention the gorgeous shoulders and behind. You can't see those things here but trust me, they're great.

I began this outfit knowing I wanted to show off this lovely coat from Etch'd. I realize it's been blogged before but some things bear repeating. I tried my best to show you the great look of collar and cuffs which both come in two sizes, as does the coat tails. You also receive a jacket and collar with turtleneck or without as well as the gloves you see here. I believe this also comes in black and in other patterns as well as the roses shown here and it's genuinely one of my favorite coats.

I wanted an autumnal look with this outfit and found that I had very little of the pale orange color I was looking for in my wardrobe. Fortunately during the New Shoots Fashion Show I had purchased two packs of the great Persona sheer shirts and one of them was the right color orange. For the shots with the jacket I did not wear the prim cuffs and it worked perfectly. You do get the bra for under the shirt in case you don't want the girls showing too much. I love the wrinkles on the shirt texture as well as the tiny buttons you can just see. I also want to take a moment to acknowledge that yes the prim cuffs are slightly off tone to the shirt. this is however an sl colorization issue when you color prims and not necessarily something that is the designer's fault.

I paired the shirt with a pair of brown leather pants that I had purchased a while ago from House of Zen. These are to be found in the Men's Department but they worked fine for me and I'm sure they'll work fine for other female avatars. I loved the detailing on the seat in particular on these.

Rummaging in my inventory I came up with these shoes by Enkythings which have the orange flecked dragon pattern on them to pull the colors together. These are the Tagona II shoes and I'm especially fond of the little double straps and buckles across the instep and the overall shape of the shoe.

I'd recently bought this hair when I took these pictures and I am thrilled with the angled shape and the flyaway tendrils plus the touch tintable barrettes on the side. This hair is great for any number of occasions from elegant to casual and I tend to wear it quite a bit while messing about at home.

Last but certainly not least is this necklace and earring set by Illusions, called Minerva. The neckpiece is a witch flying on her broom and the earrings are little dangling brooms. I thought this was such a cute set and the copper color seemed to fit the autumnal theme not to mention that witches and october go together like cake and ice cream. The glow and texture are amazing!

Thanks for reading!
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