Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Custom Body Work and more :)

First, many apologies for the long hiatus and especially how long it's taken me to post this to Alexxis Laszlo of CBW and to my readers. I hope everyone is having a great beginning of the New Year and is having a happy holiday.

Okay, on with the post. I hope to be spamming a few posts and this one is probably long. I should explain, I suppose ,that this is my first shapes post and it took me a couple of tries with the photos and compositing to come up with something that I thought did justice to the shapes.

In the pictures, I am wearing one of the free Another Shop skins in lust. I want to take five seconds to also direct your attention to Another Fundraiser, which will
benefit Unicef. On Eloh Elliot's own blog, she mentions that the skins are open source and offers the PSD for download. In addition, she has stated in a comment on Shopping Cart Disco, "I also thought it’d be moar awesome just to see how other people could use full-permission stuffs to learn from and make something else–after all, SL has a lot of really talented and motivated people–especially when it comes to d.i.y.-type things." Please read more about this fun Charity event on the Another Fundraiser site :)

I'm also wearing the Anisa hair by ETD in all pictures in Auburn and the Mistletoe Lingerie set that was free from Adam n Eve before Christmas. (Sorry ya'll but I'm just not big on baring all). :P

Okay, onward and upward!

Bigger ..... Biggest

After some thought I decided to group each kind of image together. So you will first see all the faces here. I will also mention that a great many of these shapes are usually pictured wearing one of the lovely PXL skins.

Bigger ..... Biggest

Most of these shapes I really liked and all of them seem to be interesting and sweet faces.

Bigger ..... Biggest

My favorite by far is still Monica. :)

Bigger ..... Biggest

Bigger ..... Biggest

As you can see here, the bodies are as varied as the faces. No two are alike but all have a nice appeal.

Bigger ..... Biggest

All the shapes come with a styling card that tells the buyer what skin, hair and other items the model is wearing along with the shape in the vendor ad so that a buyer can emulate the look as much or as little as they wish to.

Shapes are sold in both copy/mod or transfer depending on your preferences.

Give CBW a look, its worth it!

CBW (Custom Body Work) can be found here.

Mod/Copy versions of the shapes are 800L each and transfer only versions are 500L each.

CBW also sells men's shapes but I'm afraid I didn't have an appropriate model for the one Alexxis sent me.

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