Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Due to real life considerations which are private, this blog is temporarily on hiatus. I can't say how long the hiatus will last but I can say it is long enough that I am also going to be out of world and will be closing the land that I am renting etc.

I will dearly miss blogging and sharing and reviewing but some things are simply more important than others, and as we all know, real life must come first.

To those who read this blog, who gave me items to review, who supported me behind the scenes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I apologize that not all items I have been given to review were either reviewed or discussed with the Designers. I simply ran out of time. This is no reflection on you.



PS: If you saw this post accidentally on my friend's Blog Second Life, First Person that was a mistake, she's not going anywhere.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Word is "SAD"

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick Changes - Foxy Foxy

Title unabashedly taken from the Rob Zombie song of the same name that's been stuck in my head for days! When you see this outfit, I think you'll agree this is pretty Fox-y all right.

Bigger ..... Biggest

This outfit has so many items that have become favorites, all rolled into one charcoal gray ball of fashion happiness. It began with one item, the Fox jacket set from Lookr. Worn on the jacket and shirt layers with a prim buckle and strap attachment, there is nothing whatsoever not to love about this set. It comes in two other great color combinations, all exhibiting the same beautiful texture work and attention to detail. The jacket looks touchable, the bra underneath looks equally real and the fit seems carefully constructed to hug without squeezing, much.

Deciding I wanted an equally texture rich pant for this ensemble, I was delighted to see that Second Wave Apparel had come out with another great pant - in this case the zipper pant in a matching charcoal gray. I have several shots here to hopefully show you the texture on both these items because I think it's the texture that's so outstanding. The pants come with short scrunchy prim attachments for the ankles and on both pant and underwear layers.

Next came the Dark Gray Menisa shoes from Enkythings, another item I'd been wanting to blog for a while. Texture again as these shoes have a soft suede look with beautiful stacked wood heels. They come in 26 gorgeous colors and are available as a fatpack. I thought these made the perfect footwear.

Bigger ..... Biggest

I felt this outfit was pretty fierce so it needed fierce hair and skin to go with it. I chose the Roxy hair in uncompromising Red from Armidi. Part of a five color tone pack, it was the deepest and brightest from the reds.

To my delight, the Skittlez collection for Nomine skins has arrived. Glossy lips are the key feature or change from the previous Nomine skins along with a sparkling eye make up that matches the lip very well. I chose the Glossy Sangria make up for this outfit, but the skin comes in many other glossy lip combinations as well as the original great make ups.

Now all I needed were the accessories. I'm wearing the bullet necklace from the Emotional Warfare set sent out as a group gift some time ago. I had to change the attachment point since the buckle prim from the jacket was using the original one but this proved fairly easy to do. To pick up a bit more silver from both buckle and zippers, I added a bracelet from Digital Dragon. Available as a set of two, I decided to stick with only one.

Last but not least, I added a waist chain in lieu of a belt to again pick up a little more silver. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't find this when I went back to the store, also Digital Dragon and cannot confirm it's still available. Edit: Zoey Pinkdot confirms they are available, yay! Variety of different styles and two metals.

I stood back, and felt very please with the outfit. I hope you will too.

*~~~~*~~~~* Shopping Bag and info *~~~~*~~~~*
Fox jacket set - 1 for 175L or 3 for $475L, available at On Rez or the Lookr Main Store.

Zipper pant in charcoal from Second Wave Apparel - $175 a pair.

Menisa heels in dark gray from Enkythings - 350L each or 4500L for the fatpack of 26 wonderful colors.

Roxy hair from Armidi - Reds Collection - Red - 295L for 5 shades

Nomine skin (Skittlez Collection) - Light Med Tan - Glossy Sangria - 700L

Emotional Warfare Necklace - Pixel Dolls Group Gift (Still available with the outfit however)

Double Diamond Bracelet - Digital Dragon - Set of two 150L

Angel Waist Chain - Digital Dragon - moved, not unavailable woot - 150L

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Custom Body Work and more :)

First, many apologies for the long hiatus and especially how long it's taken me to post this to Alexxis Laszlo of CBW and to my readers. I hope everyone is having a great beginning of the New Year and is having a happy holiday.

Okay, on with the post. I hope to be spamming a few posts and this one is probably long. I should explain, I suppose ,that this is my first shapes post and it took me a couple of tries with the photos and compositing to come up with something that I thought did justice to the shapes.

In the pictures, I am wearing one of the free Another Shop skins in lust. I want to take five seconds to also direct your attention to Another Fundraiser, which will
benefit Unicef. On Eloh Elliot's own blog, she mentions that the skins are open source and offers the PSD for download. In addition, she has stated in a comment on Shopping Cart Disco, "I also thought it’d be moar awesome just to see how other people could use full-permission stuffs to learn from and make something else–after all, SL has a lot of really talented and motivated people–especially when it comes to d.i.y.-type things." Please read more about this fun Charity event on the Another Fundraiser site :)

I'm also wearing the Anisa hair by ETD in all pictures in Auburn and the Mistletoe Lingerie set that was free from Adam n Eve before Christmas. (Sorry ya'll but I'm just not big on baring all). :P

Okay, onward and upward!

Bigger ..... Biggest

After some thought I decided to group each kind of image together. So you will first see all the faces here. I will also mention that a great many of these shapes are usually pictured wearing one of the lovely PXL skins.

Bigger ..... Biggest

Most of these shapes I really liked and all of them seem to be interesting and sweet faces.

Bigger ..... Biggest

My favorite by far is still Monica. :)

Bigger ..... Biggest

Bigger ..... Biggest

As you can see here, the bodies are as varied as the faces. No two are alike but all have a nice appeal.

Bigger ..... Biggest

All the shapes come with a styling card that tells the buyer what skin, hair and other items the model is wearing along with the shape in the vendor ad so that a buyer can emulate the look as much or as little as they wish to.

Shapes are sold in both copy/mod or transfer depending on your preferences.

Give CBW a look, its worth it!

CBW (Custom Body Work) can be found here.

Mod/Copy versions of the shapes are 800L each and transfer only versions are 500L each.

CBW also sells men's shapes but I'm afraid I didn't have an appropriate model for the one Alexxis sent me.
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Friday, December 21, 2007


Tonight at 7pm, slt, and tomorrow at 12 noon slt a fashion show and silent auction to benefit "Medecins Sans Frontiers" or as I know it in English "Doctors Without Borders" will be held.

If you know nothing about this extremely worthwhile charity, I direct you to their website located here. In short, this is a ...secular humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization best known for its projects in war-torn regions and developing countries facing endemic disease ... Quote excerpted from the Wikipedia site on the organization.

At the show you will see limited edition items from many wonderful designers sold only to benefit MSF and you will be able to bid in a silent auction on one of a kind items as well. I don't know what the current list of auction items is but I know that one of them is a pair of those new wonderful boots from Tesla in an unreleased color that will be available nowhere else.

Please join us for Shine!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quick Changes - Dark Fashionista!

When I saw this amazing and out of the ordinary hair, I had to put together an outfit that would do justice to it. I really have no words to describe it and will have to let the pictures speak for themselves. As a note, I did have to edit a few of the prims because in taking pictures I would get that close up fine, pull back holes thing which I blame on SL and not Digit's gorgeous work.

I put together an outfit that I think really wows and stands up to the glittery jaw-drop factor of the hair.

Bigger .......... Biggest

I knew immediately I wanted to wear the beautifully textured Isabeaux leather pants from LF Fashions. I have quite a few pairs of leather pants in my inventory and these have quickly become a favorite. I hesitated for a while before buying them but now I have them almost in every color she makes and I'd love to see a deep green, blue etc. in the same pant. I'm wearing the "For Heels' version of the prim legs, there are three choices and this pant comes on the underwear layer also.

Next, I wanted to wear a corset with this and after trying several different ones I own, I settled on the corset from the Milena outfit from Last Call. The corset is also beautifully textured, and is very realistic looking, plus I liked the way the bodice is shaped as well as the way the back looks. The whole outfit is wonderful by the way, not just the corset.

I wanted a really unique looking skin for this outfit and that's why I'm wearing the Biba 3 skin from Tete A Pied in Buff. I loved the plum lips and eyes and the dramatic look to the make up which only played up the other parts of the ensemble.

Bigger .......... Biggest

To give this outfit a bit more visual interest, I added an undershirt and underpants from the Lilith Mega set in Midnight from Dark Eden. This filled in the little bit of skin between corset and pants and gave the look of straps over my arms, shoulders and torso. I liked this slightly fetishy addition against the skin I decided to wear. I also am wearing the belt from this same set.

My jewelry is the Dauphine set from Muse. The Silver/Jet version shown here was a group gift and is no longer available as far as I am aware. I wanted something complicated and glittery to match the overall ensemble.

Bigger .......... Biggest

I stepped into a pair of Serpenti pumps from Adam n Eve in the Diablo color with the beautiful texture and little buckle on the toe. The very high heel and strict sort of look on these shoes was just the finishing touch I needed.

I took a lot of photographs to try to show the truly wonderful textures involved in this outfit but don't take my word for it, go and see for yourself.

~*~*~*~*~*~* Shopping Bag and Info ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Skin - Tete A Pied - Biba 3 - Buff - 500L per skin or 1200L per 3 pack
Hair - Digit Darkes-NATURALe-Defiance-Special Edition Pack Please Note: This is Digit's EFA Design Awards entry and can only be purchased on ON REZ Review Copy!
Nails - Sin Skins - Glitter Black Manicure (Rec'd from Pearl Hunt but also available for sale) 50L
Jewelry - Muse - Dauphine Set - Silver/Jet - Group Gift NLA
Pants - LF Fashions - Isabeaux Leather Pants - Black - 200L
Corset - Last Call - Milena Outfit - 350L
Straps - Dark Eden - Lilith - Midnight - Megaset 275L

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Just In Case

Okay, It may very well be my imagination but I didn't catch my previous post on the FP feed for some reason even though I see it there on the list. And, since I posted a very big review post previously, I want to make sure it was seen. (And analytics won't help me determine if people have seen it since when I changed layouts I forgot to put the code on my blog.) Anyway, please humor me and if you missed my review please go here! It's worth it!
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